B.R.G. Interior Design

B.R.G. Interior Design

17/F One Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Garden Vista
私家樓・823 sq. ft.・Contemporary
Golden Lodge
私家樓・656 sq. ft.・Scandinavian
The Wonderland
私家樓・1350 sq. ft.・Contemporary・Scandinavian
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Golden Lodge
私家樓・656 sq. ft.・Scandinavian
The Wonderland
私家樓・1350 sq. ft.・Contemporary・Scandinavian
公屋/居屋・380 sq. ft.・Modern・Scandinavian
私家樓・1755 sq. ft.・Modern
Sheung Shui Centre
私家樓・465 sq. ft.・Contemporary
Amoy Street
私家樓・286 sq. ft.・Minimalistic
Providence Bay
私家樓・1099 sq. ft.・Modern
Lime Gala
私家樓・353 sq. ft.・Modern
Mount Pavilia
私家樓・1700 sq. ft.・Modern
Century Gateway
私家樓・889 sq. ft.・Modern
Homantin Street
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專業程度4.8 / 5
工藝4.8 / 5
項目管理4.8 / 5
設計5 / 5

評論 (5)

Sherman Sau

Sherman Sau 評論・3 Apr 2020 提交・Apr 2020 項目完工・設計師 Raphael


Chin Pang
耐心聆聽, 為客人提供很多的建議

Chin Pang 評論・3 Apr 2020 提交・Mar 2020 項目完工・設計師 Raphael

對裝修工程毫無認識的我, 多得 Raphael 的專業意見, 大膽的嘗試,細心的造工,為我打造心目中理想的家

Tam Kin Tak

Tam Kin Tak 評論・3 Apr 2020 提交・Apr 2020 項目完工・設計師 Raphael


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關於 B.R.G. Interior Design
B.R.G is a top-notch interior design brand found and based in Hong Kong. We understand Hong Kong people’s concerns in house renovation or refurbishment due to a significant rise in housing mobility in this high density international city. Every move would amount to a huge waste for house owners to dispose of everything and rebuild afresh, hence the reason for our service. B.R.G. was born out of a need to help house owners remodel their space in such a way that it speaks with class at an exceptional designed result. Through our innovative design and space management, we will present a blueprint of your dream house. You would no longer have to rebuild everything from the ground up once again as we expertly plan out the dimensions of the area in which you are interested in renovating. B.R.G. has provided interior design services to over 200 clients in the past two years. We plan the space with different elements to express the personality of the guests, achieve harmony and coordination of "people . house". “Human-centered design” is the design focus of B.R.G, thus we would be there every step of the way to provide you a wholesome & stress-free experience, meanwhile ensure a premium outcome. B.R.G. has a broad spectrum of services. In addition to office and restaurant design, residential design and visual marketing are also our focus. Our experienced manufacturing unit and design team also work on custom-made furniture to create unlimited possibilities in your space. A furniture customized to project not just for the surroundings, but the clients’ charisma, dreams and aspiration too. B.R.G.’s services do not just stop there. We also help clients to match accessories, source and place them in the right setting. Whether it's a home, a store, or an office, we aim to provide affordable luxury furniture designs and accessory matching. At B.R.G, we assure offering clients the best design experience and services that they can ever get out there. Besides creating space that speaks volumes of design quality at affordable prices, our passion for remodeling also drives us to use furniture perspective to create human-centered designs that speak your mind. ​

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