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COVID-19 and Your Renovation: Frequent Questions Answered

April 9, 2020

Everything that you want and need to know.

Since the start of the COVID-19 Movement Control Order (MCO), which was announced on 18 March 2020, the Qanvast team has been working from home (just like you right now) – but that’s not to say that we’ve been waiting for the storm to pass.

In fact, we’ve been busy working behind the scenes to minimise disruptions to your renovation plans. We have also consulted with multiple interior designers to put together this general FAQ that’ll hopefully answer your questions about the current situation.

Last but not least, we’ll be updating this page with more questions and answers as things change, so check back regularly. Or if you’ve any queries, feel free to reach out to us!

Q: Can I still speak to an interior designer?

A: Yes, you can! But virtually, of course. The interior designers whom we work with are more than happy to discuss your plans online, whether it’s through a WhatsApp video call or a Zoom conference – just let us know!

If you’re wondering what’s the upside of starting your discussion now, it’s simple: Laying out your plans at this point of time will give you a running start on your renovation once this is over.

Q: Is it okay for me to sign a renovation contract now?

A: It’s alright to sign a renovation contract right now, but you’ll have to do so with the knowledge that the process of your home makeover won’t be starting until we see a respite in the situation.

Do note that there will be delays from labour and material shortages.

Q: What kind of services do interior designers offer during the MCO period?

A: During the MCO period, you can do design consultations with interior designers via video calls. You can show them your space and what you're planning to achieve from your home renovation. After you have provided all the necessary information and discuss budget and cost, interior designers will start to develop 3D drawing based on your concept plans. This is an important step before you proceed with the building stage.

If your home is halfway through a renovation...

Q: What happens if my home is currently under construction? Can contractors still work on my home renovation during the lockdown period?

A: All on-going renovations will be put on hold during the lockdown to comply with the rules and regulations as announced by the government. However, your interior designers would have ensured that the renovation site was up to safety standards before the lockdown and have communicated this to you.

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