7 Functional Home Designs Borrowed From Japanese Interiors 1

7 Functional Home Designs Borrowed From Japanese Interiors

October 20, 2015

Let’s face it. The more you have around the house, the easier it is to get overwhelmed with the upkeep of it. This is why we admire how Japanese have honed their minimalist style of interior design to perfection. They have proven that you don’t need a lot to create a house that is practical yet stylish, and serves all your needs. They also draw design inspiration from nature, incorporating plenty of wood elements to create a serene and calm environment that is good for your soul.

Here are some Japanese-inspired homes that show us how minimal furnishings can go a long way in keeping you in the best state of mind.

Living The Zen Way

1. Unbelievably clutter-free, the predominantly white colour palette of the apartment also makes the unit look clean, bright, and roomy. We say it’s the best place to relax for a cup of ocha and some mochi.

Interior Designer: Wee Studio
Location: Greenleaf Tampines

Clever Hideaways

2. This home has dedicated part of its balcony for the construction of a wooden pavilion. It houses all the main activities including dining, entertaining, reading and yoga, the pavilion acts as a functional extension to the living spaces. The pavilion had been detailed to accommodate a built-in dining table that can be tucked away and hidden among the wooden panel when not it use. Having furniture that can be easily stored away is a godsend for all small spaces, and perfect for attaining a clutter free space.

Designer Firm: 0932 Design Consultants
Photo credit: David Chan & Dennis Lim
Location: TT Apartment

3. This small space-friendly hideaway evokes the calmness of nature with light wood textures while offering everything you could possibly need: a mini library and reading corner, a sleeping area, and plenty of storage spaces. It is form-meets-function at its finest, and the perfect shelter for days when you just need to recharge with some alone time.

Interior Designer: Ply Studio
Location: Bay window

Whimsical Minimalism

4. Sometimes a soft wash of colour in a calming shade is all you need to add a touch of tranquillity to the room. It mimics the feel of the ocean, putting anyone at ease. The light wood furnishings with clean edges and lines are what we’d find in a Japanese home, but the unique lights and ceiling fan possess a subtle industrial allure that shakes things up.

Interior Designer: OWMF Architecture
Location: MK Residence

A Little Goes a Long Way

5. You can totally recreate a traditional Japanese tatami room even in a small space! Take a cue from this apartment that does it right in a cosy cubical unit decked in wood. With soft, comfortable futons on the floor and a traditional tea set within reach, this little space needs so little to perfectly emulate the ryokan (inn) look.

Interior Designer: Akihaus
Location: Oceanfront

Soft Lines Are In

6. Curves are sexy, and this apartment sure knows how to work those curves while keeping in line with the minimalist style. The trick is to stick to a simple colour scheme – white and wood tones – that doesn’t distract from the clean lines that undulate around the house.

Interior Designer: DHOME STUDIO
Location: Pinnacle

Muji In Your House

7. Segregate an open space with a wash of tiles on a plain cement floor. Not only does it add a refined, artistic touch that contrasts nicely against the bare cement floor, it also looks right at home with the understated furnishings and neutral colours that give the apartment a quietly inviting air.

Interior Designer: Habit
Location: Tiong Bahru

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