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An Amazing Sense Of Colonial Eclectic Home Style

March 20, 2015

It takes skills to master the art of mixing and matching things from a different era and style. For this private home in Mandai, the interior designer took up a notch and channelled the spirit of ‘rojak’ aka mixing and matching between different styles, furnishings, colours and textures; and created an eclectic home brimming with vibrancy and bearing the distinctive mark of an old-world colonial touch.

To Bond

In the living room, a gallery wall which extends from the living area into the kitchen elongates living spaces and adds a sense of continuity and coherence to the eclectic décor style of the home. Framed by a black border, the gallery wall is interspersed with shelving units that hold decorative items and portraits. The spacious distribution of the shelves complements the eclectic nature of the home and gives the sense that one is in an imaginative, creative space.


For Work and Entertainment

Small details like the circular holes on the door add an element of nautical fun to the mishmash of styles, colours and textures to the work room.


This quaint reading area has got be one of the most interesting rooms in this home. Dominated by a floor to ceiling bookshelf which is accentuated by the charming addition of a rolling ladder, this room channels a library vibe which makes it the perfect spot for curling up with a book on lazy Sunday afternoons.


To Rest and Relax

Instead of the usual headboard, a wooden cabinet placed at the head of the bed leaves space for creativity and for the homeowner to display his little knick knacks or personal memorabilia. Keeping it simple and sticking to neutral shades also lets the interesting design of the bedspread to really stand out and posits the bed as the centrepiece of the bedroom.


Interior Designer: Habit LLP
Location: Meng Suan

If you love the modern, classic and monochrome interior look, Habit interprets it best. Browse more of Habit's portfolios (and the renovation breakdown) on the Qanvast app and save these interior ideas onto your boards!


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