Soak it up! A good shower or bath is enough to give even the most frazzled of souls an instant recharge. And turns out, creating a spa-like atmosphere at home won’t need a big budget or fancy beach villa by the sea. All you need are the right bathroom fittings and accessories - imagine pulsating shower heads, rain showers, sleek mixer taps and the ultimate indulgence - a grand bathtub to splash into.

But always remember, pair style and flair with a hint of functionality. Water is a valuable resource, much more so these days with raising water prices! Beat costly water bills by shopping smart too. Choose water-efficient fittings that have low-flow options, or water accessories made to reduce your consumption, like water thimbles. And most importantly, cultivate some good water habits, like:

Turning off the tap when brushing your teeth or washing your face. Reuse boiled water for pastas or other purposes to water your plants

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