Nothing’s better than getting a solid night’s sleep under some comfy sheets!

Yet, getting those ‘zzz’s is an art form on its own - with loads to consider. First off, there’s the type of mattress you should consider. Do you prefer something that’s firm or a cushy one that you can sink right into? Then, which is the right size for your bedroom - and your needs? From picking the right mattress material, tricks to testing out a mattress in store to managing different sleeping habits (especially if your spouse sleeps totally different from you), here are some guides to choosing the perfect mattress for your bedroom.

Next, it’s all about laying out your bed with comfortable bedsheets, pillows, bolsters, quilts and blankets to create the ultimate cosy fort for getting drowsy in. And not any rough, scratchy rags will do! Threadcount, the type of material and (last but not least) design is key to completing your bedroom’s look. Oh, and don’t forget to check if your bedding has moisture wicking properties (if it sucks up moisture) and is breathable - both must-have features in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Still tossing and turning? Don’t worry - ranging from air purifiers, white-noise machines to night lights, there’s no shortage of tools or gadgets that are built for the purpose of improving your snooze time.