Home is not just a place to relax and recharge - it’s also about having fun too! And the easiest way to keep oneself occupied? A solid home entertainment system that engages the mind and senses.

Think electronics like immersive television sets, bringing the best of audiovisual technology with smart features. But between a curved or straight; 4K or ultra high-definition (UHD); OLED or QLED model, what key features are worth the investment, and which are not? Check out these guides below to help you determine the best television type for your needs:

Of course, if binge-watching shows aren’t your cup of tea, jamming out to your favourite tunes is one way of keeping entertained too! Sync up your music library and set the mood at home with a quality speaker that produces clear, dynamic sounds. From portable speakers to full-fledged audio systems, here are our top picks for every type of listener.

And in this connected age, setting up an entertainment den right at home goes beyond just plugging in electrical wires. With streaming and syncing services like Netflix or Spotify becoming a staple for most households - it’s also about having a stable internet connection. If you’re suffering from slow or patchy Wi-Fi woes, beat them once and for all with these nifty tricks and tools:

  • Place your router in a clear, unblocked space
  • Avoid placing your router near mirrors or water features which may affect its signal.
  • Try to place it in the center of your home for maximum coverage.
  • And when all else fails? There’s always Wi-Fi improving tools like mesh routers, extenders or repeaters to help.