Oh, furniture. When it comes to dressing up your space with cabinets, sofas, tables and more - the possibilities are endless! Furniture stores and labels abound, be it online or in Singapore. And each store may stock a variety of different styles.

Not sure where to start looking? Fret not - as we have shortlisted a few of our favourite furniture labels below. Stylish and functional, local and overseas, these stores stock quality pieces for every budget and style.

Now that you know which places to visit, picking the right model and item is equally important! Especially for big-ticket items like beds and sofas that are expected to withstand constant use, investing in a quality piece is key. Here are some guides to help you pick a quality, well-matched piece for your lifestyle.

Last but not least, there’s more to shopping for furniture than clicking ‘Add to Cart’ or slashing those credit cards! They can prove to be a rather costly affair - up to 5 digit sums and more. Which is why Taobao pieces have been taking over homes everywhere in Singapore, thanks to their wide product offerings and affordable prices. However, navigating around the massive e-retailer can be a challenge. So, we have decoded the basics behind shopping on Taobao shopping - plus the stores to hit for getting all types of furnishings.