Laundry and Cleaning

With Singapore’s humid weather and urban grime, regular cleaning is essential for keeping your home looking as gorgeous as it first was after renovation! But let’s say household chores aren’t the number one hobby for most of us when we get back home. That’s why we have technology to help! Whether it’s the best washing machines and dryers to help you get fresh, dry clothes, handy robot vacuums and other cool cleaning devices - tidying up your home has never been faster and easier (read: 7 Smart Gadgets That Clean Your Home Better Than You).

Nevertheless, there’s only so much a machine can do in keeping your house sparkly clean. It also begins with you and your home. Beat dirt, grime and the occasional pest by keeping these housekeeping and renovation tricks in mind.

Break up your cleaning time into easy-to-do, 30 minute sessions everyday. It can simply be a quick mop, sweep or wiping of surfaces. All that helps to keep too much dust and dander from collecting. Instill some ground rules - if you move something from its place, always remember to put it back to where it came from. Remember, clutter also breeds dust, and piling things up will inevitably add unwanted dirt in corners. Renovate wisely! Think groutless flooring (e.g. cement screed), simple, clean carpentry and washable paints that are a breeze to wipe and go.

Cleaning doesn’t need to be a literal chore if you apply these quick hacks instead: