Product Reviews

Once you are done with the built-ins, furnishing your home is the next step towards creating a fully functional space. But with so many items, brands and styles to shop for, where should you even start?

First off, zoom in on the essentials. That means fixtures like bath and kitchen fittings, plus large appliances like your kitchen hobs, ovens, washing machines or air-conditioners. You will probably use them on a daily basis to do your household chores - or to ensure a comfortable environment for living in.

Once these basics are settled, it’s time to look into decorating your space - with the right furniture and decor. Ranging from tables, chairs, sofas, beds, storage compartments to soft furnishings and small decor, we’ve rounded up the best shopping tricks and stylish picks to deck your home with.

Lastly, finish your done-up space with some nifty home entertainment devices and smart upgrades! Bring some fun to everyday living with a solid home entertainment system - which includes TVs, sound systems and speakers. Here’s how to pick the right ones for your lifestyle.

Today’s home is a smart one too - find out more about the latest smart home technologies, gadgets or devices that bring more convenience (and fun) to everyday living. Think smart locks, security cameras, smart home hubs and more - we put some to the test to see if they really do live up to the hype.