Storage and Organisation

The feature that most Singaporeans often ask for is - drumroll - storage. Talk about too many things, too little space! Thanks to space-limited HDBs and condos, having ample smart storage has become a must-have for a clean, uncluttered home.

Built-in carpentry too much of a costly (and heavy) investment for your tastes? Organising your home can begin even with the smallest of items. Think loose storage racks, shelves and organisers that don’t just give you more reason to stow away your stuff, but help to jazz up your home too; functional, multi-purpose furniture that maximise whatever available space you have.

But, what happens when buying more storage compartments isn’t enough to keep your messy home in check? It’s time for a decluttering intervention! From tidying your overflowing refrigerator, bursting wardrobe or your chaotic home in general, we have some easy solutions and hacks to help even the worst hoarder get their space back on track.

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