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Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

January 25, 2016
Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

By providing a listening ear for your interior design needs, the team at Ace Space Design is understanding and patient when it comes to designing the optimal home for you and your family. We catch up with the team as they share more about their firm’s approach to interior design and reveal some ways in which homeowners can find out what works best for their home.

Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

Qanvast: Tell us about your company and your head honcho, Nick?

Ace Space Design (ASD): We are a team of driven and experienced interior designers who take pride and passion in creating stunning yet practical living spaces for our customers. We focus on customer service as we know our customers’ needs come first. We listen and provide solutions. Our customers can trust us to create beautiful homes for them.

Our boss, Nick, has nearly a decade of experience managing contractors on fit-outs for both residential and large-scale commercial projects. With his visionary design skills, extensive knowledge in creative planning, construction processes, and his excellent ability to manage budgets, he leads our ACE team in achieving excellence and producing quality work for their customers.

Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

Qanvast: Can you share 1-2 unique traits about your design / company?

ASD: One of our forte lies in space planning. Efficient space planning is important especially for small areas like HDBs in Singapore. We challenge ourselves to think out of the box to maximize every space to meet all our customers’ needs. That is also how ACE SPACE DESIGN came about. Aesthetics, Creation, Excellence in terms of beautifying spaces. That’s the ACE spirit that defines us.

Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

Qanvast: To you, what is the definition of an ideal home?

ASD: An ideal home is not about its furnishing, decorations or how much is spent on renovation. It should be a place that provides absolute comfort and safety for you and your family.

Qanvast: What is the challenging part about being an interior designer?

ASD: To help our clients find the most suitable design theme for their home. Sometimes we meet clients who have totally no clue as to what they want or they can be confused by too many ideas in their mind. We need to be patient and understanding to lead and guide them in discovering what works best for them and their family. It may take long hours of discussion but satisfaction comes when we see the smiles on our clients’ faces, knowing we have nailed the right one.

Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

Qanvast: How would you describe Singaporeans’ style of interior design?

ASD: Singaporeans like unique designs that can reflect their personality. We realised more Singaporeans are moving towards the retro and Scandinavian look. For younger couples or those from the younger generations, we also realised that they would tend to opt for darker colours or a monochromatic colour scheme as these styles tend to exude a more classic and cool vibe.

Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

Qanvast: What are some areas of the renovation / interior design homeowners tend to neglect?

ASD: Practicality and maintenance. Some homeowners can be so focused on aesthetics that they tend to neglect the practicality of the design and maintenance in the long run. As interior designers, we ensure our designs meet these needs for our customers.

Designer Spotlight: Ace Space Design

Qanvast: What advice would you give to homeowners when it comes to choosing a design theme for their home?

ASD: Stay true to your personality and needs. What you see in magazines or at someone’s place may not be suitable for you and your family. If in doubt, keep it simple and add on decors to create your own unique style.

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