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Designer Spotlight: Create

June 16, 2017

Home is where the heart is

For Rick, the founder of Create Interior Design Studio, a home is a space that goes beyond material possessions. Having overseen a hundred projects under his belt, he believes that every private abode should be a reflection of the individual - in order to create a perfect sanctuary where homeowners can feel relaxed in. We sit with the inventive designer, who opens up to us about Create’s design process and inspirations.

Designer Spotlight: Create

Qanvast: Tell us more about yourself; how did you get involved with interior design?

Rick (R): Since young, I had a penchant of doodling on walls and was particularly fond of classes on art, design and technical skills. As I grew older, I chose to attend the NAFA Interior Design Course, as I was attracted by the notion of creating beautiful, sensory environments - and where best to start from but a home? That education soon led to an apprenticeship programme with my first employer, and that solidified my passion for interior design ever since.

Designer Spotlight: Create

Qanvast: One of your projects, Aspen LinQ was recently featured in The Straits Times. Tell us more about its interesting design.

R: Upon receiving the keys, the homeowner realised the unit was smaller than he had expected, and came with a handful of tricky defects to fix. He approached our firm for help, so apart from the design aspects, we also helped out in the inspection of defects, from scoping to reporting and coordinating the rectifications with the management.

The design brief was to have a space to accommodate work, play and dinner hosting, as Mr Wee, the homeowner often hosted dinners for family and friends. So, one of the hardest things was thinking of how we can maximise the tiny 38 sqm unit to accommodate 10-15 people!

Designer Spotlight: Create

Qanvast: That sounds like a challenge. How did you tackle those spatial issues?

R: We really racked our minds finding a way to maximise every inch of space. Faced with horizontal space constraints, we looked up and utilised the available vertical areas to create tiered or stacked storage in the kitchen and bedroom. We also added concealed storage and open cubbyholes for storage and displays for Mr Wee’s knick-knacks.

Qanvast: What are the values behind Create?

R: After being in the interior and construction industry for 15 years, I decided to start my own interior design firm as I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try a hand at managing the interior process from ground up. At Create, we believe that every individual and home is different, and we strive to guide the homeowner at every step of their home design. Each homeowner has different needs and every new project is a learning process for us as well. It’s all about putting ourselves out there in order to succeed.

Designer Spotlight: Create

Qanvast: With more people relying on social media to do their renovation research, is interior designing more challenging than before?

R: It’s great that homeowners are taking more initiative on social media to find out what they truly want. To me, there are no ugly designs, just homeowners who are lazy to do their research. There are many ideas available online and offline so there is honestly no excuse to leave it all to an interior designer to suss out a design is most suitable for you.

Even so, I’m always up for such challenges, so feel free to throw me one! [laughs]

Designer Spotlight: Create

Qanvast: If you could design a home for anybody, who would it be and why?

R: If I could, it would be (the late) Zaha Hadid. Known for the undulating curves in her architectural work, it would be challenging and exciting to incorporate those iconic curvatures within an interior space - if I ever get to design for the maestro.

View more of Create's interior portfolio here.

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