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Designer Spotlight: Crescendo Interior & Lifestyle

July 10, 2017

“The team.” That was founder David and designer Melissa’s answer when we asked them about the greatest achievement for Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle so far. This certainly is proof of the tight bond that the team at Crescendo share.

Taking time out of their busy schedule, we get David and Melissa to tell us more about what makes their firm special.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: What is your vision for Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle?

David (D): Our belief at Crescendo is that we can do more than just help to design beautiful interiors for our clients. We feel that interior design is intricately linked to one's lifestyle and personality, that's why we always make it a point to come up with ideas, surrounding this 'lifestyle' field. And also why we decided to add the term on our Crescendo brand name.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: What makes Crescendo stand out from other interior design firms?

D: All the designers in our firm have years of experience on their hands. I’ve been in this trade for eighteen years while Melissa has about ten years of experience. With our collective knowledge, homeowners can safely put their homes with us, and we know how to provide the best standards in our services.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: How would you describe your company culture?

Melissa (M): Our team is a tight-knit one. We always make an effort to celebrate each other’s birthdays and we also hold special functions for festivals like Chinese New Year or Christmas.

D: We also believe in giving back to society. Right now, we’re trying to get our clients and our contractors to come together to take part in an upcoming charity event which we are planning.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: Tell us more about the close bond that your team shares.

M: Whenever we encounter something that we are unsure about, we can just share our concerns with the other members of the team and everybody will chip in to help to solve the problem. We believe that this team effort really helps our team to grow stronger.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: Your firm has a reputation for being eco-friendly. Tell us about that.

D: We believe in using building materials that are environmentally friendly and will encourage our clients to use eco-friendly tiles and paints, and anti-bacteria laminates around their home. These eco-friendly materials are also quality materials so they are worth spending on.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: How do you help your clients to achieve homes which look unique?

M: Nowadays, Scandinavian and industrial style homes are in trend and there are many cookie-cutter homes with designs that revolve around a similar colour palette and certain types of laminates.

For our firm, we always strive to do something different so if a homeowner wants a Scandinavian or industrial style home, we will think about how we can achieve that style by using colour palettes or laminates that differ from the norm.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: Tell us about one memorable project that you have done.

M: We recently completed this HDB maisonette project where we did a glass trellis for the roof. Our client wanted the glass trellis feature very much and we spent about two months liaising with the HDB before the approval came through. It was a tedious process but it was made worthwhile because our client was very happy with it. It was also the first time that we did such a feature in a HDB home.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: How do your help your clients to achieve a home which suits their lifestyle?

M: We always discuss with our clients about their preferences and the way they intend to use the space in their home. For example, when it comes to the placement of power points, I will ask them if they want an additional power point near the dining table for steamboat or other reasons.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: What is one thing that most homeowners neglect to consider when renovating?

D: Many homeowners usually do not take into account the direction of the sun when renovating their home. I feel that this is very important and I always make sure to check with my clients about this as things like natural lighting and the West sun have a strong bearing on how the space in a home is organised.

Designer Spotlight Crescendo Interior and Lifestyle

Qanvast: What is the best part about being an interior designer?

D: The best part is to build something up from nothing and to see it in front of you. Tied to that is the satisfaction that we get when our clients thank us for doing a good job with their home. At the end of the day, it is very meaningful to go through the renovation experience with our clients and build a friendship with them along the way.

Qanvast: What tips do you have for homeowners who are shopping for an interior designer?

D: Homeowners should not just select an interior designer based on their budget. Instead, they need to consider a variety of factors such as the company’s profile, the design proposal and how comfortable they feel with the interior designer.

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