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Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

December 23, 2015
Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

“Work hard, play hard. You only live once,” are the wise words from Glenn, the director of Design Chapterz, who incorporates this mantra in his interior design work. The creative and hardworking spirit is undeniably present in the firm’s fun approach to creative design. We catch up with Glenn and ask him to give us some tips and tricks for home interior design while also learning more about what makes Design Chapterz stand out in the industry.

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

Qanvast: How did Design Chapterz come about?

Glenn (G): Prior to establishing Design Chapterz, I was from an established interior design firm. I was determined to set up my own firm as I wanted to deliver creative designs instead of being a sales-driven designer. I started this firm with the vision of creating new homes for our valued clients. Every design is customised to the personal needs and requirements of the new homeowners and their loved ones and we pay attention to delivering quality workmanship and service.

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

Qanvast: Can you tell us more about your firm’s culture?

G: Although most of my team members are experienced designers, I aim to set a good example and be the role model to the team, inspiring them with my passion and devotion to my works.

“Learning is giving” is the culture that I pass down to my designers which I hope they can cultivate and pass down to fellow designers in future too. We learn from each other by drawing experiences from one another.

I’ll also ensure that credit is rightly given to the designer too, instead of to the firm only. After all, it is the team members that define Design Chapterz.

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

Qanvast: Does your firm specialise in a particular design style?

G: We are strong in executing Scandinavian and industrial design concepts, and lately we do see a surge in requests for these styles. We have also become quite apt at designing modern contemporary homes as we get many referrals from clients who are aged 35 years and above.

Qanvast: Where do you get your design inspirations?

G: Everywhere I go actually. I look at the details of the interior of places I visit – even while shopping! If I have to pinpoint certain countries, places like Italy, Milan – whose designs are always two years ahead of us - Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Bangkok have many interesting details in their interior design and they are more forward-looking. Most people do not know that the industrial trend was dominant in Italy two years ago.

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

Qanvast: Do you have any muse?

G: The designer that I most admire is Joey Ho, one of Asia’s top designers, who is based in Hong Kong. There’s always a story or a reason behind his design creations. His thoughtfulness for clients triumphs any other factors that go into his designs.

Qanvast: What is your dream project?

G: I’m really easy-going; you can throw big commercial projects with tight deadlines at me, or a concept I have not executed before. I love to explore new ideas and brainstorm concepts. The adrenaline rush to discover new things or even complete a complex project is what makes interior designing fun, and it keeps me going although I must admit that there will be sleepless nights from the pressure [laughs].

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

Qanvast: With homes getting smaller, could you share with us some design strategies that are guaranteed to make small homes appear bigger?

G: Factors such as colour, materials and most importantly, the design layout have an impact on how spacious your home will look. Think ‘out of the box’ and you can do wonders to your home.

Take this recent project that I did – it was a home for a make-up artiste who works from home. The living room was small but we managed to craft a corner for her make-up dresser that shares the same space with the television feature wall. Her dresser has lots of storage compartment for her artistry tools. In her bedroom, we modified the layout and played on natural lighting, added a large wardrobe to conceal her things. We even managed to squeeze in a baby cot and there’s still ample space for the homeowner to walk around!

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz
Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

Qanvast: What tips will you give homeowners who are looking to design their home?

G: Excited homeowners should refrain from buying furniture and accessories for their new place before the spatial and details planning are confirmed. If possible, hold on and consult your designer on the selection of materials, colours and dimensions to fit the theme. This also ensures that you don’t limit the designer’s creativity because it’s all about exploring new ideas for your new place or space.

Next, homeowners should also be focused on the design theme that they have chosen. Even though you may have seen nicer ideas elsewhere, that does not mean that they suit the theme. You know how the saying goes – “if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it!”

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

About Glenn, Design Chapterz

Designer Spotlight: Design Chapterz

• Has 10 years of experience in interior designing. Before that, he was a trained Japanese sushi chef in a traditional restaurant
• Completed more than 100 interior projects, ranging from commercial to residential
• His slogan: “Work hard, play hard. You only live once.”

To view more of Design Chapterz’ projects or read their past client testimonials, check out their company profile on Qanvast today.

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