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Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

June 13, 2016
Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

Want to know how your new home will look like even before renovation has started? All that is possible with Innerspace Solutions and their exclusive 3D virtual tour component! We sit down with Alvin from Innerspace Design Solutions and get him to share more about this unique service.

Qanvast: Tell us how and when your interest came about in interior designing.

Alvin (A): I started out in the graphic design business and it was challenging at first as I found it hard to get clients. After a few years, I decided to go into the home renovation business. Doing home renovation has always been a passion for me. I noticed that many homeowners do not have a good eye for design. Hence, I decided to get started on the Interior Design business. I wanted to create homes that people could love and enjoy.

Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

Qanvast: Can you share 1-2 unique traits about your company?

A: I customise a 3D virtual tour of homeowners’ desired design solution before I even get started on the project! This 3D virtual tour allows homeowners to have a clear picture of the interior design of their home even before I begin work on their home. And if homeowners are not satisfied with the initial design, we are glad to make adjustments to it until they are happy. This eliminates any unpleasant surprises. With a virtual tour, what you see is what you get!

(click here to see a virtual tour of a 3D drawing for a home design in Circuit Road and Bedok Reservoir)

Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

Qanvast: Give us a tip or two to reduce the cost of renovation.

A: Homeowners think that the high costs of renovation are to do with the design. However, the expenses are attributed to the materials used.

If you would like to reduce costs, a simple way is to choose similar materials that cost less. The final design will remain similar, but yet you get to keep the expenses within your budget.

Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

Qanvast: What should homeowners prepare before they speak to an interior designer?

A: Although most people know what they don’t want, the funny thing is that they don’t know what they want! [laughs] The best thing is for homeowners to come to an interior designer with a rough idea of their design concept. Then, it will be easier for the interior designers who can design a theme according to their preferences.

Another important thing is to be clear about your budget. When a homeowner is unclear about their budget, they tend to overspend. They tend to want to have the best, and then get frustrated when the budget bursts.

With a clear budget, our designers have a good idea of what they can accomplish to ensure your satisfaction.

Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

Qanvast: We noticed that there is an option to do a virtual tour even before you start designing the space! How does that work?

A: We want to provide a low-risk method so that customers can visualise their new home before we even get started. Hence, we came up with the 3D virtual tour service where all the customer needs to do is to pay the appointment fees before we start working on their home design.

Once the fees are settled, we will proceed to understand the client’s preferences and needs. Based on their ideas – combined with our input – we will create a 3D virtual tour for the client to view a visual representation of their new home!

When the client is satisfied with the design, the materials used and the price, we will then get them to sign a contract without any hidden costs. Our clients can rest their minds knowing that there will not be any unpleasant surprises from us.

Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

Qanvast: Is this given to every client or only upon request?

A: Once they have appointed us as their designer, we will do a 3D visual tour for them without any additional cost to the renovation for them.

Qanvast: Do homeowners have to fork out more for this virtual tour component?

A: There is no cost to be paid by our clients. As mentioned, this service is complimentary for Innerspace clients. It is a value-added service from us because our clients’ happiness is most important to us.

Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

Qanvast: From an interior designer perspective, what is a challenging area during the renovation process?

A: Fulfilling clients’ requirement of the budget is a challenge. We want to ensure that their money is well invested. Therefore, we often have to rack our brains to ensure that costs are kept to a minimal while not compromising quality.

Qanvast: What are some areas in renovation homeowners tend to neglect?

A: Homeowners must recognize that furniture forms the look and feel of the home interior as well. It works in partnership with the interior design – the walls, floors, and fixtures.

Sometimes, homeowners do not want to spend on furniture because they deem it too expensive. It is a waste because then the interior design does not look complete. My suggestion is for homeowners to keep the cost of furniture in mind when budgeting for a revamp.

Designer Spotlight: Innerspace Design Solutions

  • No. of projects completed: Over 100 interior design projects
  • Years of experience: Over 20 years
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