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Everyone Is Invited To The Party - Archifest 2017

October 3, 2017 · Paid Partnership with Archifest

With a festival line-up of more than 50 events spread across various locations in Singapore, Archifest Singapore takes on a new spin in their 11th edition to actively engage citizen and agency participation through architecture.

The festival, held across two weeks from 4 to 15 October, is set to the theme of “Building Agency” and divided into five categories - Archi-interfaces, Archicraft, Architours, Conversations and Conference. Come appreciate architecture from real to reel life, following different architectural forms in print, film and even food!

Archifest 2017 Singapore

Architecture in Print

Archi-Interfaces showcases interesting exhibitions, installations, performances about our built environment. You’ll be able to catch highlights such as the Architecture & Photography of the Pioneer Generation, a curated collection of images of the built environment captured by seniors above 55 years old, and Architecture in Print, which represents a diverse collection of print media of Singapore architects on their projects and design processes at the National Library.

When: Oct 4 to 15, 10am - 9pm
Where: National Library Building, Promenade, Level 8, 100 Victoria Street
Admission: Free

An Eye for Detail

Archifest 2017 Singapore

Love taking photos? Or have you always wondered how those sleek architectural shots you see on Instagram were taken? An Eye for Detail, will definitely ignite both your passion and curiosity. With award-winning Singaporean photographer Darren Soh at the helm, you will learn the many different ways to compose the perfect architectural shot that will satisfy your OCD for all things geometrical (all for the ’gram right, guys?).

When: Sat 7 Oct, 3 - 6pm
Where: Singapore Institute of Architects, 79 Neil Road
Admission: $30 via

Edible Gardens

Archifest 2017 Singapore

Look out for workshops like Edible Gardens as well, where Super Farmers’ Cynthea Lam will guide you on ways to grow your own personal mini ‘farm’ in this urban city.

When: Sat 14 Oct, 10am - 1pm
Where: Wah Son Aerospace, 1 Seletar Aerospace Heights
Admission: $35 via

The Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO)

Organised by WATG, The Great Architectural Bake-Off (GABO) is now in Singapore! Following its success in London and New York, the event brings Singapore’s top architects and designers together to build some of the world’s most iconic buildings entirely out of cake! Talk about a tasty testament to the world of design indeed.

Archifest 2017 Singapore
Archifest 2017 Singapore

When: Sat 14 Oct, 12 - 2.30pm
Where: The Working Capitol, The Commons, 1 Keong Saik Road
Admission: Free


But perhaps the segment that will leave you most in awe would be Architours. Explore Singapore’s vibrant architectural scene and discover hidden architectural gems here. These ticketed guided tours promise exclusive access into private residential homes and buildings such as the Brick House, EDL Gallery, Warehouse Hotel, #1 and many more. Not only that, you’ll also have the chance to interact with the architects who designed these spaces, picking their brains about their design inspirations and processes.

Archifest 2017 Singapore
Archifest 2017 Singapore

When: Sat & Sun 7, 8, 14, 15 Oct, Various times
Where: Various locations. Meeting point at Singapore Institute of Architects, 79 Neil Road
Admission: $50 for adults, $42 for students via

Architecture & Photography of the Pioneer Generation

The last two pillars of Archifest, Conversations and Conferences are platforms for Singaporeans to voice up about the architectural scene here in Singapore, with themed panels and discussions on the issue of “Building Agency” through presentations and panel discussions, which help to explore the impact of architecture in the city.

Archifest 2017 Singapore

When: 4 to 15 Oct, 2 - 7pm. Closed on Monday.
Where: Deck, Gallery 1 & 2, 120A Prinsep Street.
Admission: Free

Archifest 2017 Singapore

Archifest 2017 is happening Oct 4-15 at various locations. Click here for more information.

Qanvast is proud to be a media sponsor of the Archifest 2017 festival.

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