How to Create a Space-Saving Home… without Carpentry!

October 3, 2018 · Paid Partnership with Fullhouse Furnishings

With apartments shrinking over time, it’s no wonder homeowners are constantly looking for smarter ways to increase storage (and walking) space! While built-in carpentry is one way of maximizing square footage, they can be very costly, time consuming – and admit it - stubbornly fixed.

A better alternative? Space-saving furniture! Rather than spending inordinate amounts of time trying to plan and fit in the necessary pieces for your dream home, these smart furniture pieces from Fullhouse Home Furnishings can help make the most of your limited square footage – without the hefty price tag.

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1. Create more room for wining (and dining) with an extendable dining table.

Alex (FH-914) Extendable Dining Table, $788

A Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

We all know eating is a national pastime, and what’s better than spending time wining and dining with loved ones? With a simple touch of a hand, this traditional 4-seater dining table can be extended to accommodate more people - great if you’re expecting an expansion in family, or simply thinking ahead for future house parties and Chinese New Year gatherings.

2. Upgrade your living area with a multipurpose sofa.

Becky (FH-2722) Multipurpose Fabric 3-Seater Storage Sofa Bed, $1,388

A Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

This L-shaped sofa doesn’t just have one, but three purposes! Besides allowing you to be a couch potato after a long days’ work, the seats can be pulled out to create a spacious bed, perfect for times when you have extra guests for movie marathons/sleepover parties. Plus, extra brownie points for being space savvy – lift up the chaise-longue, and you’ll discover that the unit comes with under-seat storage as well!

3. Store more stuff within your bedroom with a storage bedframe

Kasey (FH701A-91) Bed Frame (Queen) with Storage Compartment, $1,288

A Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

The average bedroom in a typical BTO flat is about 92 to 93 sqft – which is probably enough to fit in a wardrobe, queen size bed and (perhaps) one bedside table. While built-in platforms are one convenient way of adding storage for the bedroom, they aren’t exactly the most cost-saving.

The alternative? Fullhouse’s Storage Bedframes! The Kasey bedframe comes with underneath storage compartments wide enough to fit 3-4 cabin to medium sized luggages. Plus, choose from over 70 different headboards and various bedframe fabrics for the perfect bedroom setting.

4. Sleep and study in one place with Eden Smart Living smart beds.

A Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

Beth Wall Bed with Desk (Super Single), $1,388

Simple but practical, the Beth wall bed comes with convenient drawers underneath for additional storage.

Thinking of squeezing in a sleeping and studying area into a single room? You don’t have to settle with doing work literally on the bed. With Eden Smart Living’s range of flip-down wall beds, save the hassle of fitting (and paying for) a separate study desk, bed frame, cabinet and bookshelf whilst freeing up valuable floor space for other activities!

A Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

Work and rest, all in a single space - each bed comes with a study desk that stays on an upright position when the bed frame is flipped down, allowing you to leave your items as-is, even when you snooze. What’s more, each smart bed comes with in-built LED lights that work as study lamps or night lights – how convenient!

Carol Wall Bed with Desk, $2,688

A Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

Need more storage space? Upgrade your bed with Carol, that comes with an additional overhead cabinet with soft closing mechanisms from $2,688.

Dilly Bunk Bed with Desk and Storage Stairs, $3,288

A Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

The Dilly’s steps double as concealed storage for random knick knacks or books.

Or, create two ‘bedrooms’ in one with the Dilly double decker bed cum study table, which comes jam packed with storage compartments! With a smooth finish and sturdy frame, the piece is a safe and space-saving solution for young kids as well.

5. Customize your space with modular Murphy beds

Aaron Wall Bed, (Super Single) $1,888, (Queen) $2,088;

A Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

The Aaron Wall Bed (Super-Single) with add-on storage cabinet.

If you’re looking for something clean-cut, slim and practical, EDEN Smart Living’s Aaron Wall bed might be right up your alley. Available in Super-single and Queen bed sizes, each frame comes with its own LED light strips to illuminate and bring a cosy glow to any bedroom.

From left: Gabriel Storage Cabinet [2 column], $488, and Fred Foldable Study Desk, $688

A Space-Saving Home Without CarpentryA Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

Beds can even be customised with add-on shelving units and foldable bookcase/desks for extra storage points. And if you prefer a customized look, various finishes are available to suit a wide range of interior styles – from stone-effect patinas, light birch shades to solid colours like black and white. The result? More space for you to do the things you love - without having to sacrifice another entire room as a ‘hobby den’.

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A Space-Saving Home Without Carpentry

Bringing comfort and convenience to your home.

With over 10 years of experience in the market, Fullhouse aims to be the one-stop furniture solution provider for all your needs. Providing local homes with comfortable, affordable & limitless selections, Fullhouse Home Furnishings offers a wide array of customizable furniture for a seamless and effortless look in any interior space.

It’s offshoot label – Eden Smart Living features modular, space-saving furniture perfect for compact homes looking for smart living solutions.

To see, test and enquire any Fullhouse or Eden Smart Living furniture products, head down to any of the stores located islandwide, or visit Fullhouse Home Furnishings and Eden Smart Living for more information.

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