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Qanvast Guide: Fuss-Free Ways To Move To Your New Home

March 29, 2016
Qanvast Guide: Fuss-Free Ways To Move To Your New Home

If you are reading this, congrats on your new crib! While this is an exciting time, many consider moving to be a Herculean task, a process that may fill you with worry and dread as you take stock of all your earthly possessions. But with proper planning and organisation, it can be as hassle-free as possible.

As a start, work out a timeline to determine how much lead time you need. If you have mountains of stuff at home and a lot of furniture, you will need to plan well in advance and check out a few movers. For serial hoarders and hard-core shopaholics, this is a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of things you longer use. Donate or sell excess items as this can help to reduce your load and stress.

Qanvast Guide: Fuss-Free Ways To Move To Your New Home

Factor in work and schooling commitments (for families with children) so that there is ample time and breathing space for everyone. Prepare a list of what you need for the big move and work on getting the items.

Before The Day

Get organised

You may want to dive right into packing but first, make a rough list of what you need to move. Consider grouping the items in your list together by room type. Number the boxes clearly and indicate which room they belong to, for example, 'boxes 1 to 3 for the kitchen'. Record these in a notebook. If you have time, note down the items that belong to each box so that you can easily sieve out things instead of searching frantically, for example: kitchenware in box 1, cutlery in box 2, and so on.

Wrap fragile items with newspaper and bubble wrap and label ‘FRAGILE’ clearly.

Qanvast Guide: Fuss-Free Ways To Move To Your New Home

It's all in the bag

As you pack, set aside a bag or suitcase of essentials comprising your toiletries, towels, change of clothes, clean bedsheets, snacks or anything you need to help you tide over the first couple of days.

Measure for accuracy

If you have big, bulky items like your mega wide 88-inch TV or a grand piano, ensure you have enough room and space for your movers to move them. Check the width and height of your new home’s lifts and doorways as a gauge, and make sure that the items will fit in the new spaces.

Get packing supplies

In preparation, gather the materials that you will need such as boxes, adhesive tape, markers, bubble wrap, newspapers, etc., and ensure you have enough supplies. If you have appointed a mover, you can also ask whether packing materials are provided, either at cost or free of charge.

Qanvast Guide: Fuss-Free Ways To Move To Your New Home

Prepare enough cash and reinforcements

As it will be hectic on the day of the move and you may not have time to dash to an ATM, prepare some cash in advance to buy food and drinks. Where possible, consider getting family members or friends to help you get a head start in unpacking, run last minute errands or mind your pets. Even if they can only chip in for a few hours, the extra hands will be of great help.

The numbers game
Importantly, count and determine how many boxes there are before the move. This will help in your tally of items and ensure nothing goes missing once the movers moved them. Ensure that the number of boxes are clearly recorded in your notebook.

Qanvast Guide: Fuss-Free Ways To Move To Your New Home

During The Move

Once you are at your new place, do a count of your boxes again to make sure everything is in order.

Brief your movers and helpers clearly on where the floor spaces (dining area, bedroom 1, bedroom 2, etc.) are so that they can help to place the labelled boxes in their respective areas. In addition, consider labelling these spaces (like pasting a note on the door) ahead of time if possible, as this may reduce the need for repeated instructions.

As a rule of thumb, shift the bulky items such as beds and sofa before bringing in the smaller items.

Qanvast Guide: Fuss-Free Ways To Move To Your New Home

After The Move

Whip out the cleaning rags

By now, your furniture has travelled some distance and is likely dusty or grimy. There is nothing more unpleasant than sitting down on surfaces covered in dirt so before you sit down on or use your furniture, do a quick wipe down or dusting. A more thorough cleaning can take place later.

It will take a few days or weeks to get settled in a new environment but in the meantime, pop the champagne and pat yourself on the back for pulling off this massive (and hopefully pain-free) operation.

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