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When Should I Start Planning My Renovation?

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

You'd be surprised – the best time to start planning a renovation is actually a year before collecting your house keys.

Why that early? Well, the search for an interior designer and arriving at your final design can take up to several months, particularly because it’ll involve multiple discussions with different interior design firms.

So, here’s a rundown of what you’ll need to do at every step of the way:

when should I start planning my renovation
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  1. 12 months before key collection
  2. 6 months before key collection
  3. 1 month before key collection
  4. Keys collected
  5. Renovation works commencement
  6. Post-renovation

12 months before key collection

It might feel like a long way to go, but don't just sit around awaiting your keys! Now's the perfect time to picture your dream home, and research on the various styles or features you'd like in your new abode.

1. Create a mood board

Start looking around for interior design ideas that strike your interest, and create a mood board to save them. Our app and website let you easily create boards, allowing you to browse and save thousands of interior design projects in Singapore.

when to start planning HDB renovation
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View this project by Ethan Interiors

You can even share your boards with others, which will be really convenient if you'd like to discuss ideas with friends or family!

2. Research your budget

Figuring out a comfortable budget in advance will give you enough time to start saving up, or consider your financing options.

how much to budget for renovation in singapore
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View this project by Apex Studios

To start off, try browsing through the projects on our website. Each project will include details like renovation costs and works done, so you can get a rough idea of your own budget based on similar projects.

For a more in-depth look at home renovation prices, you can also take a look at these articles:

Once you have a rough idea of what you want to do with your house, try out our renovation calculator to get an estimated budget of your renovation!

3. Check out your personalised renovation checklist

We get it – renovating your home’s a huge thing. If you still don’t know where to start, we’ve compiled a free renovation checklist containing useful step-by-step guides and to-dos to help you along. Simply sign up for a Qanvast account to access your checklist!

6 months before key collection

renovation planning
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View this project by Urban Home Design 二本設計家

At this point, you should have more or less decided on:

  • your overall interior design style
  • what renovation works you'll need (e.g. structural works, tiling, etc.)
  • your ideal budget, with a comfortable range to work with

Here begins the hunt for the perfect interior designer!

4. Find and shortlist interior designers you like

If you’ve religiously followed the steps listed above, you’ve likely come across specific interior design firms with past projects similar to what you’ve envisioned for your own home. So, it’s time to start reaching out to them!

All the interior design firms listed on our website are directly contactable with just a click of a button – simply fill out your particulars to start.

how to decide on an interior designer
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View this project by Four By Eight Design Studio

Alternatively, we can shortlist and match you with multiple interior design firms at once, based on your renovation requirements, just by filling up this one form.

Plus, if you connect with an ID firm through us, you’ll be eligible for the Qanvast Guarantee that safeguards 50% of your contract value (up to $50,000) in the event that your renovation (touch wood) goes awry.

5. Set up meetings with interior designers

Step-by-step renovation timeline
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The hunt for an interior designer you like can take several weeks so it’s good to start your search early. Make sure to visit some showrooms and discuss details with the designers you've contacted.

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Ideally, you should meet at least 3 to 5 firms to compare quotes before making a decision on who to engage – in fact, over 30% of homeowners surveyed met with more than 5!

Have these items ready before you meet up with them:

  • Your floor plan
  • Your mood board and renovation requirements (e.g. kid-friendly home etc)
  • Your expected renovation time frame (e.g. when to start the renovation works, when to move in, etc.), so that your designer can work according to your schedule.

Alternatively, you can also swing by our Qanvast Hangout to meet 10 IDs in one weekend, at one space. Talk about convenience!

1 month before key collection

Tampines Avenue 5 by Ofthebox
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View this project by Ofthebox

The big day is looming ahead! After gathering information about quotations and ideas from the various IDs, you should have already engaged a firm that you are most comfortable with, in terms of pricing, design and chemistry (that's really important!).

6. Shop for flooring, furniture, fittings, and more

Tampines Street 62 by The Makers Design Studio
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View this project by The Makers Design Studio

Once you’ve more or less firmed up the design of each space, it’ll also be a good time to concurrently shop for some fittings, such as your flooring, feature wall finishings, big kitchen appliances, and bathroom fittings so that your designer can factor these items into the design/renovation planning.

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Keys collected!

Tampines Street 62 by Zemu Design
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View this project by Zemu Design

Woohoo! It's the day of your key collection and you're obviously excited. But don't look at your new home with rose-tinted lenses just yet – because you need to make sure everything is in the right place.

7. Check for defects

Bring along the defects list provided by HDB/developer and a lock to secure your home. You will need a seasoned, meticulous eye for this, so it would be better to invite your designer along to help spot anything amiss (like a recessed beam you didn’t know existed) and take measurements, or engage a professional home defect specialist!

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8. Set up your basic utilities

It's really important to get the basics working before embarking on a renovation. In order to renovate, workers will need electricity for their tools and water for washing grime or dirt – so don't leave them hanging!

Get started by applying for a utilities account to activate the water, electricity, gas, and waste collection services before your renovation works start.

When Renovation Works Commence

Step-by-step renovation timeline
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After months of planning and discussion, it sure is a big relief (and joy) to see your dream home coming together. That doesn't mean you can take the back seat and let the magic miraculously happen yet! Here are some things to take note of when managing a renovation.

9. Confirm the renovation schedule

While BTO and new condo renovations usually take about 8-10 weeks and resale units take about 10-12 weeks, it is best to clarify the schedule with your ID to ensure a smooth moving process. Do note that slight delays are common, so be prepared to extend any living arrangements whilst renovating!

10. Keep your home safe

Simei Street 4 by Brick & Decor
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View this project by Brick & Decor

There will be many people entering in and out of your house – contractors, builders, electricians and the like. Remember not to leave any valuable items (or new furniture) around, and install a lock that only those overseeing the renovation – such as your designer – can access.

11. Keep tabs on your renovation progress

Make an effort to drop by your renovation site once in a while to ensure things are going as planned. If you find anything unsatisfactory or defective, highlight them to your designer so that they can quickly rectify before they wrap things up.

After your renovation

Punggol Way by The Local INN.terior 新家室

View this project by The Local INN.terior 新家室

The big reveal is finally here! Before arranging for furniture delivery and moving in, do one final check over the carpentry details and other renovated works.

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Have everything down pat? Kick back and pop some champagne, because it’s time to plan for a housewarming party to show off your gorgeous home!

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This article was first published on 17 Feb 2017 and last updated on 16 Apr 2024.

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