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Where to Shop For... Affordable & Comfortable Mattress in SG

March 13, 2020

Scroll on to find the mattress of your dreams!

When it comes to furnishing your new homes, most people tend to forget the importance of investing in a good mattress. After all, we spend one-third of our lives sleeping on a mattress – you’d want one that best matches your snoozing preferences. To help you navigate the world of dreamy mattresses, we lay out the different options so you can get the best deal on a good night’s sleep.

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Note: Before diving into the mattress talk, take note that bedding dimensions vary among countries. A king-size bed may measure 183cm x 191cm in Singapore and 193cm x 202cm in the US, while a queen-size bed may measure 152cm x 190cm in Singapore and 152cm x 203cm in the US. Make sure you find a mattress that fits perfectly in your bedroom!

1. Bed in a box done in style | Woosa

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Price: From $1,199 | Source: Woosa

For those who prefer shopping within the comfort of your home, you’d be glad to know that you can now get your bed delivered in a box straight to your doorstep. While the bed-in-a-box concept is no stranger to online shoppers, no brand does it quite like Woosa.

Designed in Singapore and made in Belgium, the homegrown company prides itself on crafting quality mattresses with premium materials like latex and memory foam for added comfort and durability – sans the hefty price tag. After selecting your desired size, it will then arrive nicely vacuumed-packed in a box and ready for your sleeping pleasure. Plus, you get the added assurance of a 10-year warranty so you can always go to bed with a peace of mind.

However, if you’re worried about committing to a big-ticket purchase, Woosa offers a 100-night free trial so you can try it and get a full refund in case you’re not happy with your pick. No strings attached!

2. For the budget-conscious hunters | Sea Horse

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Price: POA | Source: Sea Horse

As much as we enjoy the ease of online shopping, nothing beats the good ol’ fashioned way of laying down on different mattresses to find out which one feels right. A safe bet is Sea Horse, and it’s a great option if you’re on a budget too!

With a massive selection of mattresses, pillows and bedding to choose from, the Hong Kong-based manufacturer has since become a household name for its highly affordable offerings that don’t compromise on quality. While Sea Horse can be found on sites like Lazada and Shopee, we recommend heading to one of their stores (there’s one at NEX for the heartlanders!) for a greater variety of products.

3. For tailor-made solutions | Tilam King

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Price: POA | Source: Tilam King

If there’s one mattress brand that has redefined the local tilam business, it’s Tilam King. Dubbed as the king of mattresses for good reason, the three-generation boutique brand offers tailor-made solutions at the best value. Need adequate support? Go for the Ergo Series that is designed to provide the right amount of back support. Fancy something more opulent? Elevate your slumber with the Luxury Series that is constructed with 100% natural latex. There’s sure to be something for everyone at Tilam King!

4. Made to fit your needs | European Bedding

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Price: From $2,488 | Source: European Bedding

A lot of mattresses in the market are one size fits all, but why compromise when you can customise your mattress the way you want it? Local bedding retailer European Bedding gives you the freedom to design your very own bespoke mattress to fit your one-of-a-kind needs – according to the shape, size and firmness you desire. For instance, if you’re on the taller side and the standard king-size just doesn’t cut it, you can opt for a longer mattress of up to 220cm. The customisation possibilities are endless!

5. A treasure trove of your favourite brands | The Mattress Boutique

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Price: From $299 | Source: The Mattress Boutique

Instead of spending time visiting the different mattress brands out there, get your shopping done all in one spot at The Mattress Boutique. Besides carrying a plethora of mattresses from renowned brands like King Koil, Fourstar, Dunlopillo and Sleepnetics, the humble furniture company also stocks other products such as pillows, bedsheets and even wall art at reasonable price points. Bonus? They offer free shipping with no minimum spending when you shop online!

6. Getting a therapeutic sleep | Fantasy Waterbeds

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Price: POA | Source: Fantasy Waterbeds

Yes, waterbeds are still a thing. Filled with a host of health benefits, waterbeds are designed to improve the quality of sleep especially for folks who are plagued with health issues such as backaches, muscle pains and even asthma. Check out the EverRest range from Fantasy Waterbeds, which boasts unique features such as customised sides for tailored comfort, breathable tops to keep you cool, and an unbeatable lifespan of up to 20 years with proper maintenance.

7. Make an eco-conscious choice | Getha

where to buy mattress bedding singapore

Price: POA | Source: Getha

If you’re searching for a sustainable option, consider a “green” mattress made with all-natural and organic materials like the ones from Getha. The leading Malaysian manufacturer ensures that all their products are made with 100% pure natural latex, which means you can rest easy knowing you’re making an eco-conscious choice. Not only does it benefit Mother Nature, you’re also doing good for your health by getting better and safer sleep!

While mattresses definitely don’t come cheap, these springy wonders promise you a peaceful slumber for many years to come. But to help you slash a couple of dollars off your next mattress purchase, use credit cards or wait for year-end promotions to save more on bedding on your favourite brands. Meanwhile, sweet dreams everyone!

Note: Prices are accurate at the time of writing.

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