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Vincent, Dawson

We know about Design Chapterz through our friend, whom had done IT installations for their office previously. After comparing with some of the more well-known IDs out there, we decided to engage Design Chapterz as Glen is very friendly, straightforward and upfront on things such as the pricing. Even though their price is not the cheapest, they were able to relate well to the design we want, and had also managed to build a good rapport with us, which is important in renovation projects. The entire renovation process was good, with the usual minor hiccups resolved promptly. For example, the initial design for one of the false ceiling in one of the room was found to be not suitable during the process. Thus, Glen tore the ceiling down again and rebuilt it at no additional cost. We were also satisfied with the after-sales service, as Glen and his team attended to us when we highlighted some issues with the renovation works after it had been completed for some time, and came to repair the areas for us. He even told us to find him if there are any other problems with our house in the future. Hence, we definitely appreciate and am satisfied with the quality of their service. Completed in: December 2015 Cost of Renovation: $70,000

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Seraphina, Chua Chu Kang

We came upon Design Chapterz on Facebook while searching for interior design firms to renovate our house. We had engaged them due to their unique designs which are different from others. Also, during our liaison with the ID, they were able to understand and relate to what we want and are looking out for. The entire renovation process was very good, and the ID was very attentive as well, being able to answer our queries promptly and rectifying any minor issues that pop up along the way immediately. Completed in: September 2016 Cost of Renovation: $80,000

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Eugene, Bukit Panjang

We came to hear about Design Chapterz through my in-laws, as the company was one of their customer. So we went to check them out after visiting some of the more well-known interior design companies. In the end, we decided to engage Design Chapterz, as out of all the IDs we had visited, Design Chapterz was not pushy at all in selling their packages to us. Glen and Steven, whom were in-charge of our renovation project, were very responsible and responsive throughout the entire process, and even up till today, about a year after the completion of our house’s renovation. Issues which we highlighted to them during the works were also promptly resolved by the team. The company’s after-sales service is very strong too. For example, one of our walls started peeling about a year later, and we contacted Glen about it. He had replied promptly and managed to send the same team down to repair the areas which had peeled within a week. Hence, we are very satisfied with their service even though their price is not the cheapest. Completed in: December 2015 Cost of Renovation: $47,000

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Charlotte, Pasir Ris

We came upon Design Chapterz while on the search for IDs in Joo Chiat, as the area has a couple of IDs there. We decided to engage the company as the ID could quickly grasp a sense of what we wanted, and gave us options quite close to what we were looking for. The entire renovation process was pretty good as the team managed to finish the project within the given timeline, and was responsive throughout. They could probably improve on providing more options during the planning phase as some ideas were only thought of during or after the renovation works. Completed in: April 2016 Cost of Renovation: $80,000

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Design Chapterz was recommended to us by a friend whom had their house renovated by the company. As we did not have much time to do research on other IDs, we went straight to engage their services. The overall renovation job was good, with some changes made along the way. However, as different contractors were used for different works, there were some coordination issues. It was fine though, as these were to be expected in renovation works. Completed in: December 2016

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