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We found Flipside Design via Qanvast. When we met with Daniel, he was patient and listened carefully to our needs and by the next meeting he had drafted out a detailed quotation. We felt that he was responsible and organised and we could get get along and communicate with him easily. Overall it was positive and no major issues. Daniel was a good project manager and took the effort to communicate with us. His responsibility at getting the tasks finished well and good quality and workmanship was commendable. We did feel that more foresight could have helped us see technical issues and also better management of keeping to the budget. I think with experience, the ID could improve on foreseeing possible problems or potential costs, and be able to advise on the "wants" and "needs" better so that we could stick better to our budget. Renovations completed in: November 2016 4 Stars

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Lee Ying

As we had a specific requirement, Flipside Design is able to work with our requirements and generally got what we wanted. The ID is able to catify our home and blend it with our theme at the same time! Along the renovation, there were some problems but they are quick to rectify. As we had some add ons along the way, there were some additional cost in our final quote as well but generally we are happy with the designs of the walls they did for us! Renovation completed in : July 2016

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Daniel Marc, Casa Cambio

I shortlisted three IDs, but decided on Daniel from Flipside even though he was the most expensive. He was the one that understood what I wanted the most. One of my requirements was that I wanted a rotating TV. Because he had one in his showroom, I knew he could do it, but the other two IDs I spoke to didn't really know what I was talking about. I also had some difficulty with the flooring and Daniel was able to give me input and propose suggestions, whereas the other IDs would not compromise to what I had in mind. He has good ideas and is very accommodating. I have already recommended him to my other friends. Renovation completed in: September 2016 Cost of renovation: $20,500

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Angela & Xuan Rong, Skyville @ Dawson

When I saw Flipside's work – specifically the Sumang Link home project – it was like love at first sight. It was so beautiful and very different from other Singaporean homes that I had seen which were mostly minimalistic in style. Their work definitely left a lasting impression and this prompted me to contact them, and entrust them with my home design. They understood what I like, even when I myself had a difficult time articulating my design preferences. They listened and was open to changes when we weren’t comfortable. She also took the effort to design neglected corners such as the DB box which left me impressed. Renovation completed in: May 2016 Cost of renovation: $45,000

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Minghao & Daphnie, Costa Ris

We spoke and met with at least 5 contractors and designers but Flipside stood out because they accommodated to our requests and showed effort in working around the requests that we had. On the ideas that we proposed, they would explore the idea instead of rejecting us without trying. Take for example, we wanted a barn door for our kitchen, our ID, being a creative and resourceful designer was upfront in telling us that they have not done something before and they were up to challenge. Her team looked for the relevant materials and then hand-made the door for us. We were particularly impressed by the amount of dedication and commitment. We could also better resonate with Flipside’s portfolio and they could better understand what we have in mind. My ID was also prompt in rectifying faults if any. It has been fun working with Flipside and we had a really smooth renovation thanks to them. Renovation completed in: July 2015 Cost of renovation: $50,000

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