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Justin, Sengkang

We had a very pleasant renovation journey with in2space and our ID, Keith. To begin with, our ID was very patient and willing to listen to our ideas and needs while at the same time giving his own recommendations and advice. During the renovation period, there were some hiccups encountered but my ID was quick to resolve them with minimal fuss. He gave me timely updates and was quick to respond to my messages. However, our handing over of keys was delayed for awhile due to sub-contractors schedules and reworks that was done. Overall, my ID did a fantastic job and our home was handed over in great condition and accurate in every detail as he had promised.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 40,000

Completion: January 2018

Anonymous, Yishun

renovation journey was still okay. The workmanship however is a bit disappointing. We were actually quite happy with the services provided by the ID but along the renovation, there were some additional requirements and we were required to top up more cash. However, I felt that that was not communicated properly to us. We felt slightly helpless then, because the renovation would not have been able to proceed had we not paid up first. There wasn't much we could do. Although the ID tried her best to help us, it was the company's policy and we had no choice but to put down more money even though we had paid according to the payment schedule. Other than that, my ID is quite good. She provided us with timely updates and whenever we needed some rectifications done, she was prompt and swift. So I am still thankful for that.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 32,000

Completion: August 2017

Lucas, Punggol

The overall renovation turns out to be quite good. I am happy to have engaged Paul for my renovation requirements. He was able to manage the project quite well and the outcome also matches what we are expecting. During the renovation, there were some issues that came up, both minor and major but I thought that Paul handled them pretty well. He also provided us with quite timely updates about the rectifications too. The one thing Paul could do better might be to provide a more regular update on the general progress of the renovation. But, having said that, we are very satisfied with the work done.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 40,300

Completion: March 2018

Ms Chen, Keat Hong

The renovation overall is still okay. ID is quite good but I think that he wasn't able to properly handle the contractors. I was a little disappointed with the workmanship in the end. It was still nice but I think the quality suffered a little bit. ID even had to come down to clean the house himself as he was not able to get hold of one of the workers. The task of changing doors also took the workers several trips before they could get it right. They did up the flooring first then proceeded to the rest of the house, but they did not lay the protective sheets. Ultimately, the ID had to get the contractor to change the flooring a few times. That resulted in a very long delay of about 2-3 months. The ID was helpful, no doubt. Despite all these issues, he managed to get the workers to rectify them all. But I just felt that the issues might have been avoided or reduced, if he had chosen his workers more carefully.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 18,000

Completion: November 2017

Vera, Jurong

My ID Paul was very helpful. He was able to handle the issues which came up along the way. His response was also quite fast and he would always advise us what was the best way to resolve certain issues. Paul would also asked us what we like and how to come up with a better solution. I have to say that I am happy with the service provided. We actually engaged a separate air-con contractor and Paul was there to provide measurements and did the coordinating and all. There was a delay due to some hacking which was not approved by HDB. Although Paul had previously said that it could be done, in the end, it couldn't. so Paul followed up and chased and eventually had to come up with another idea to fix the roadblock. The subsequent design proposed was also quite well-liked by my husband and myself so we went ahead with it. Overall, it was a good experience.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 68,000

Completion: February 2018