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Hacking of Walls


False Ceiling

Paint Job



Costa Del Sol

Condo | 4 rooms | 140m²


New / Resale

Year of Completion


Renovation Duration
8 weeks

Design Fees
S$ 3,000

22 Reviews

Kit, Tiong Bahru

I was looking through the different ID profiles on Qanvast, and In Interior's caught my eye, as I felt that their designs were in line to my aesthetic. That's also the reason why I decided to engage them after meeting 2 others that Qanvast recommended as well. I very pleased with my ID Su Qing's work, and she was very hardworking and involved in the whole renovation process. As we were doing a partial renovation, and we were still staying in the flat while the works was underway, undergoing works was a bit more difficult, but Su Qing managed to make it a smooth, easy experience. While my mom is usually there to supervise, Su Qing still makes it a point to come down every other day, when her schedule permits, and she was very responsive when there were hiccups. Though the contractors a little hard to handle at times, Su Qing tries to keep them in line, and make sure things are done according to plan.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 17,000

Completion: February 2018

Dexter and Madeline, Bishan

We engaged Cindy from In Interior even though they were the most expensive, as she was enthusiastic and sounded more experienced, openly sharing ideas and giving more opinions. In terms of following up, we did have to ask and push for updates regarding the timeline. It was more strenuous than what we thought. According to the timeline, this project ended about one and a half months late. That's also because at the end of September, we were a bit upset and started to push them. To be fair, the timeline given was quite long as we told them we rather they don't rush, and do things properly. However, as an experienced project managers, they should know how to plan their time accordingly. Workmanship for the most part is ok, paint splash and things like that are acceptable. That said, when the floor protection was deteriorating, we told them and they assured us that nothing would be affected. In the end, our tiles got scuffed and chipped, to which they said they would touch it up. Also, they were installed our lights, fans and aircon before the woodwork, and the dust was everywhere. I think this should have been properly managed, since these items should be installed at the end. Cindy was accommodating, and I didn't feel uncomfortable in replies, but getting things done in a timely manner took a while.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 45,000

Completion: February 2018

Nur Muhammad Nabil Bin Mohd Zukifli, Canberra

Out of the 5 recommended IDs Qanvast gave to us, we met 3, and In Interior was one of them. The reason why we engaged them was because they had a wider selection of materials and the staff that attended to us were friendly and very receptive to whatever ideas we had. However, when it came to embarking on the renovation works, a lot of issues arised, and there was a significant change in our final design from the 3D design given. Many of the materials we selected were unavailable, and we had to swap for an alternative which took up some time. Likewise, some of the ideas proposed turned out to be unfeasible in our house, and our ID Cui Ing and the project manager Candy had to propose another idea instead. It was slightly disappointing, but thankfully the both of them did go out of the way to make sure the end-product and changes made was for the better. I'm glad that there weren't any major hiccups, and I love the final look. Cui Ing and Candy even helped us collect our appliances and home items when we were busy - which we appreciated. But, if there's one thing that I feel they can improve on, is the timeliness of the works. The whole renovation was delayed for almost a month and a half, though we wanted it to be completed earlier so that it wouldn't clash with our wedding and honeymoon. However, there was no follow-up nor explanation as to why the works were delayed - for some weeks, nothing was done at all. Maybe they could have been more proactive on that point.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 24,800

Completion: February 2018

Sharifah, Pasir Ris

We picked In Interior as they were the ones who were able to do up a design that I wanted. As I was only doing up my bedroom, the whole renovation process was done rather timely and everything was relatively smooth. There were some issues but all was smoothed out by our ID Jeffery. However, as I didn't really set a tight timeline for them, things took longer than usual, but otherwise, all was great.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 12,000

Completion: February 2018

Sha Sha, Amber, Hougang

After meeting up with a few IDs Qanvast recommended, we decide to engage In Interior for their price and what they have got to offer. In times of hiccups, Candy is able to rectify it fast. Candy is willing to listen to our ideas and opinions on what we want, although there are some parts that she understood it differently which turns out a little different than what we expected. However, she did rectify it fast after notifying her of the difference.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 28,000

Completion: February 2018

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