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Works Included


Feature Walls

Furniture and Appliances


False Ceiling

Electrical Re-wiring

Paint Job


The Siena

Condo | 2 rooms | 85m²

Renovation Fee (S$) - S$65,000 Cost of Refurnishing (S$) - $35,000

S$ 100,000

New / Resale

Year of Completion


Renovation Duration
6 weeks

Design Fees

17 Reviews

Marilyn, Riverplace Condo

I chanced upon their portfolio online (Googled) and spoke to Ben even before I had purchase the unit. What sealed the deal was his enthusiasm in handling my project as he got someone to do a site visit even before I have bought the unit. I could also tell Ben was very experienced and he was very thorough in his explanation on the renovation process. I'm very happy with the service his team provides. The quality of the workmanship is excellent too.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 230,000

Completion: September 2017

Jerlyn, The Vales

I contacted Mr Shopper Studio as their portfolio matches what I am looking for. They could quickly and accurately deliver the concept I wanted. The overall renovation experience and wokrmanship quality was alright, but what can be improved is the followup on the rectifications. They are pretty prompt in our enquiries but when it comes to liaising with the sub-contractors on the rectifications, the reply was a bit slow. Also, the furnishing items they got for us are mostly from Taobao - while they look nice and pretty, I have some concerns in terms of practicality and durability.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 50,000

Completion: August 2017

Sandra, Sengkang

I was impressed with their portfolio on Qanvast and decided to connect with them as they are experienced with the modern contemporary look - a theme I was going for. After speaking with them, I could tell that they are experienced and they two proposals for us - one that is in line with the budget and another with a more luxurious style with an additional top-up. We negotiated with them and managed to come to an in-between. Personally, the carpentry workmanship is very good and we got compliments on the home design. Throughout the process, they were prompt in catering to our feedback, although mid-way there was a bit of delay on the schedule and a lag in communications. Everything else was good and it was very easy to work with them. I will recommend them, especially if you're going for the modern contemporary look.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 65,000

Completion: December 2017

Lynn and Wesley, Bellewaters

Their portfolio on Qanvast caught our eye and we decided to reach out to them to find out about their working style and design. We were won over by the uncommon service they offered - design, renovation and furniture shopping. We were assigned to Bow, the designer, and Sheldon, the project manager. They are responsive and receptive to the ideas we had. The delay we had was on the furnishing delivery, as they were shipped from overseas. They had put together a list of home items, materials, and the price points for us to choose from. My only gripe is there was a slight change in the furniture dimensions showed in the 3D drawings and the actual product. When we flagged out, they explained and tried their best to come to a compromise. it would be great if they could take note of these details and confirm with the homeowners the dimensions of the items before purchasing them. Other than that, both of them are equally fantastic and they understood our requirements well. I will definitely recommend Mr Shopper Studio.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 70,000

Completion: January 2018

Sherro, Punggol

Mr Shopper Studio was one of the interior firms recommended to me by a friend. As my husband and I have very busy schedule, the fact that they were a one-stop service that helped to cover everything from renovation, styling to shopping for furniture appealed to us. Another aspect that won us over was that our ID Joe was able to fulfill the promise of delivering the home on time, and sticking to the budget. In fact, it's interesting that they actually work 'backwards' in budgeting for our project - based on what we'd like to spend, they'd allocate the extent of works, the amount to spend on furniture, etc. In terms of the renovation process - most of it was smooth, only hitch was when the furniture they'd helped us shop and coordinate from Taobao wasn't delivered on time, and that pushed things back a bit.

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Renovation Cost: S$ 45,000

Completion: February 2018