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Because of how much square footage they take up in a bedroom, walk-in wardrobes are often seen as luxury spaces that few can afford. But the fact is that creating these spaces is much easier than most would think.

In terms of actual real estate, all you really need is a small part of your boudoir, like say a niche or a neglected corner, instead of an entire room to create your very own private dressing and fashion storage area.

That said, there are some essential tips to follow to create a truly functional walk-in which adds value to your home.

Consider the layout

Whether you’re planning to put in a shoe cabinet or a L-shaped rack for your clothes, it’s always important to think about where everything will be placed. This is a crucial step when planning where your walk-in wardrobe is going to be; neglect it at your own risk, and you might just yourself with a walk-in (and/or bedroom) that is too cramped.

Figure out its purpose

It goes without saying that the main purpose of a walk-in wardrobe is to store clothes and fashion accessories, but sometimes in smaller homes, these spaces are also designed to be study areas or cosy reading nooks. If you have similar plans in mind, be sure to set aside sufficient room for a study table, shelves, and a large-enough walkway where you won’t end up accidentally stubbing your toes.

Need some walk-in wardrobe layout ideas? Why not check out this list of 20 examples from real-life homes.

Install the right storage fittings

As any experienced homeowner will tell you, any storage area is only as useful as its fittings. So, be sure to outfit your walk-in wardrobes with the right ones: racks for your clothes (or shoes), cubby holes, right-sized drawers, and of course, hooks are just some of the options that you will want to include.

For even more design and space-planning advice, take note of these 11 tips on how to fit a walk-in wardrobe into an HDB flat as well as these 7 must-know rules for building your dream wardrobe.