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Paint Job

Electrical Re-wiring


False Ceiling

Feature Walls

Sumang Walk

Apartment | 3 rooms | 110m²

S$ 45,000

New / Resale

Year of Completion

Minimalistic, Scandinavian

Renovation Duration

Design Fees

33 Reviews

Ms Yee Wen, Boon Keng

Space Atelier was one of the IDs recommended by Qanvast. We met up with quite a number of ID whom we shortlisted and got a few quotations from them. Although Space Atelier's was not the cheapest, they were the only one who did follow up with us all the way. Hence we decide to engage them for our renovation for their good service. The ID was very responsive and prompt in replying to our queries. As we had a specific ideas in mind, the ID is able to understand what we wanted. He is also willing to go an extra mile, helping with the DIY stuffs for our home which we bought online. Although there were some delays, they are able to resolve the hiccups. An aspect for further improvement will be with regards with their pricing. Although their quality is very good, we still find it quite pricey. Renovation completed in: May 2017 Cost of renovation: $50,000

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Nigel and Danielle, Simei

We met up with some IDs recommended by Qanvast and although we kind of knew what we wanted, we did not reveal too much of our ideas initially so that we could see what ideas the designers could come up with. We met almost ten interior design firms and most of them tried to impress their ideas upon us instead of proposing designs that matched what we wanted. Out of all the designers that we met, Ray was the one who best fit the bill. He was willing to listen to us, and his ideas and designs matched what we wanted. He also came off as a professional in the way that he went about his work. Ray made the entire renovation process very hassle-free and seamless with his expertise. We would bounce ideas off him and he would advise us on their feasibility. He was also very prompt in responding to our messages. I feel that Ray can be a bit more conscientious when it comes to his measurements as there were some instances where we had to forgo or swap items due to wrong measurements. Renovation completed in: January 2017 Cost of renovation: $75,000

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Shah, Edgedale Plains

We got to know Space Atelier through facebook and we did consult some other IDs as well. After sending them our floor plan, all the IDs provided us with the quote during our first meeting. However, during the second meet up, we decided to make some changes in the lay out and instead of having to wait for the revised quote, Space Atelier is able to give us the quote immediately. Ray, our ID, was very patient with us and he is able to adapt to our requirements. He would send us updates of the progress of the renovation through our whatsapp group. After seeing the 3d drawings, we decide to engage them for our renovation which was in May 2016 and only start the works in March 2017. Despite the long period gap, the renovation turns out 90% the same as planned. Although there were some minor defects which was noticed by Ray himself, he got it rectified. The project was completed earlier than the agreed timeframe too. Also, just shortly after signing up with them, Ray was featured in the reno show, Designer In The House and it gives us a higher confidence in entrusting him with our renovation. For further improvement, i hope that he is able to reply to our queries more promptly. Overall, we are very happy with the service rendered. Renovation completed in: March 2017 Cost of renovation: $26,000

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Caroline, Treasure Trove

After shortlisting a few IDs, we decide to engage Space Atelier for our renovation. The ID is very prompt in giving us feedback and suggestions on our ideas instead of pushing their ideas to us. When we do not know which materials to use, they guided us through, giving us some suggestions and advices. We are impressed with both their communication and design as the ID is good in visualising our ideas and came out with a 3D design. The process was smooth. Our only problems was our movement was restricted by the management of the condo. Other than that, it was good. They did a good job and we're very happy about it. It was an enjoyable experience working with them. Renovation completed in: October 2016 Cost of renovation: $27,000

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Irene, Punggol

We spoke to a few IDs but we felt that we can really work it out with Space Atelier and the design proposed was good too. Jonathan was really committed and responsible throughout our renovation. As we told him that we do not want hinges on our cabinets, instead of tellings us straight that it is impossible unless it is a sliding door, he came out with a design which is totally out of the box! As we engaged our own contractors to do some other things, Jonathan is able to liase and comunicate with them well. Along the renovation, there was some small hiccups like messed up schedule but with the help of him, it was resolved without any arguments. Although sometimes it took him an hour plus to reply to us, he is willing to meet us up when we have some concerns, even when it is already late. Jonathan also helped us to pick up the lightings for our home when we had some trouble with the delivery. He deserve credits for going an extra mile! It was a very good experience working with him. Renovation completed in: December 2016 Cost of renovation: $30,000

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