About the Qanvast Guarantee

Thanks for using Qanvast as part of your renovation journey! But before opting in for the Qanvast Guarantee, here are some details that we would like to share:

  • The Qanvast Guarantee is a legally binding agreement between you and Qanvast Pte Ltd, and we will require your personal information as well as renovation contract details* to provide Qanvast services and facilitate claim payouts, if any.
  • We do not share any personal information to third parties for their use without your explicit consent. You may refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
  • By opting in for the Qanvast Guarantee, you accept the Terms and Conditions and agree to share your personal information and renovation contract details with Qanvast Pte Ltd.

*Note: To expedite the approval process, kindly ensure that the personal details provided match those from your initial quote request and/or enquiry for an interior designer.