How to Build a Pet-Friendly Haven, Just Like These 7 Homes!

July 31, 2019

Dream home inspo for you and your four-legged friends.

A comfortable abode with pet-friendly features isn’t a novel idea – homeowners have already been building them for some time with the help of everything from cat bridges to doggy doors.

Hence, what makes these 7 picture-purrfect houses special in our eyes is how well they make everything work for both man and pet. So, keep scrolling for some truly pawesome ideas that you and your furry friends will love.

1. A Buangkok Crescent home that takes a walk on the wild side

View this project by Free Space Intent

Designed after the idea of a Balinese holiday resort, this Buangkok Crescent flat has both a charming tropical look and rustic atmosphere going for it.

However, the main highlight (for a pair of feline occupants) remains the overhead catwalk. Extending from the dining area into the kitchen, this add-on grants them the freedom to strut their stuff.

2. A tranquil abode in Alexandra with ‘cat cabinets’

View this project by Linear Space Concepts

As any cat lover will tell you, cats simply love their small spaces – which is why the owners of this restful Alexandra apartment had cabinets with cut-outs built within the living and dining area of their home.

Aside from serving as great curl up spots, these playful fixtures also double as additional storage space when needed.

3. A monochrome home at Springside View that’s cat-friendly (and cat-proof)

View this project by Third Avenue Studio

There’s a reason why the phrase ‘curiosity kills the cat’ exists, and that’s because cats are indeed naturally inquisitive animals. While this very trait is what makes them absolutely adorable, it can be a source of trouble too.

Hence, if you’re living with one cat – or eight, like in the case of this homeowner – pet-proof features such as concealed wiring and scratch-resistant materials are a must.

4. A Bukit Batok HDB with a ‘doggy door’ bookcase

View this project by The Makers Design Studio

Recessed sliding doors are a great substitute for regular hinged ones because they have a smaller opening radius (or rather none), which makes them a great choice for compact homes. That said, installing a doggy panel directly through a glass sliding door can be rather tricky.

Fortunately, the designers of this two-room HDB home at Bukit Batok were able to devise a clever workaround by installing an entry/exit flap in the side of an adjoining bookcase to create a nifty passage for the owner’s (lovable) Maltese.

5. A Bedok Reservoir condo with a mini dog house indoors

View this project by LLARK Architects

Just like us, pets need their private spaces as well, but what do you do if you don’t have the room to spare for a dedicated pet spot? Creating custom furniture is one option that you may wish to explore as an effective solution to your home woes.

For this Bedok home, multipurpose pieces – like an entryway bench that’s also a doghouse as well as a study/bunk bed with a cosy corner – were built to provide the necessary functionality for both owner and pet to live life comfortably.

6. A Bukit Batok resale featuring a TV accent wall that’s also a cat climber

View this project by DISTINCTidENTITY

TV consoles are essential to almost every living room, but why get boring, old-fashioned cabinets when you can have one that’s also a playground for your cats?

In this Bukit Batok resale apartment, a custom-made entertainment unit with built-in steps makes for a fun and practical piece of living room furniture. Aside from that, there’s also a dedicated play area with even more cat climbers to keep its furry occupants healthy and active.

View this project by DISTINCTidENTITY

7. A Keat Hong flat with simple charm and a cosy cat corner

View this project by Rockin Spaces

Sometimes, all you need are the basics. In this minimalist Keat Hong flat, a small corner in the living room comes equipped with a cat tree, complete with scratching posts to keep those playful claws feline good!

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