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Review of Livspace
Juliana Goh
Bad Experience and Stressful

Reviewed by Juliana Goh・Submitted 7 Feb 2021・Project completed Feb 2021・Designer Livspace Designer Team

Unlike the other reviews, our renovation process was rather stressful and a bad experience. 1) There were a number of times that the intermediate milestone of the project slip pass the scheduled date and we only knew about it when we ask the team. When questions were asked e.g. whether we can re-paint our existing door etc. replies were usually slow and we have to prompt the team to update again. 2) As and when, there is additional cost incurred as it was "missed out" in the original quote. For things that we added on after signing the contract we are ok with additional charges. E.g. We mentioned to the team that our wall is in a bad condition and they noted and assured us that they can paint it and restore it. However, when the real painting job is carried out, our id then told us that there will be an additional oil sealant cost as the wall is in bad condition and will need this "top up" when we have already highlighted to our ID during site survey. If we did not pay the amount, the painter will not be able to continue and the project will not be completed on time. It was so stressful to be put on a spot to decide on this with a short timeframe. 3) Another incident was our ID told us that we have to top up for vinyl skirting price for it to be the same colour as our vinyl flooring. This does not make sense when the contract/quotation already have a line item for overlaying of vinyl floor tiles. We cross checked this with many of our friends, but no one has ever encountered additional cost for this. In addition, we selected our vinyl flooring once contract was signed. And about a few days before installation our ID then told us we have to select the skirting. We could not understand why this was not discussed earlier together with the vinyl flooring. As this is the first time we are doing reno works, we didnt know that the vinyl flooring and skirting have to be chosen separately. It was so stressful to be given such a short notice period to decide for this. 4) We were given ikea vouchers (many thanks to id for securing this deal for us) but when we selected our items, we were told that we have to pay for delivery and installation fees. We purchased curtain rods, curtains, shelves and vanity cabinet. This does not make sense to us too as ikea items are usually DIY and we could have pick up the items on our own. Even when we purchased basin cabinets from external source, our ID will not charge us an installation fees, so we couldnt understand why we have to pay to install the ikea item. 5) we made selection for our tiles at hafary and were informed 1 day before our tiling works that there was a miscomm and hafary did not order the tile that we wanted for us. If we postpone the selection, it will cause the project to be delayed There were also some miscomm in our next selection which we decided to let go. It was so stressful to select another set of tiles and given only a few hours to decide. This can't help but made us feel that livspace has a lot of unspoken hidden cost and its policy does not allow the id to make a good judgement call on the quotation provided (as our id did mention that they knew about the oil sealant after engaging the painter). Lastly, the incident above also made us feel that livspace's id is not experience as incidents like this could have been prevented if expectations were conveyed and proper planning were done. Overall a bad and stressful experience for us. Putting in a tentative completion date as the project is not completed yet.

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Interior Designer
Ethereall is established by a group of young entrepreneurs and designers whom specializes in residential, commercial, hospitality, F&B and retail spaces. Experienced in interior architecture, design and fashion, the company believes that designs should not only be catered for aesthetic purposes. Every design should simplify the experience and utilization of space to complement users. As the name suggests, the company hope that the spaces that are designed will be able to provide an evolution in status, comfort, lifestyles, experiences and convenience.
The Interior Lab
The Interior Lab
The Interior Lab
Interior Designer
The Interior Lab - The Chemistry of Arts, is where creativity, innovation, and unique designs come together to create your dream home. Helmed by industry veterans Freddy Tan, and Nelson Lin, The Interior Lab is an interior design company based in Singapore. With more than 8 years of experience under their belts, the two directors lead a team of young, creative, and passionate designers. Dedicated to creating new ideas that caters to every individual's lifestyle and preference, The Interior Lab strives to provide products of superior quality. With proven excellence that incorporates creativity with practicality, The Interior Lab has always been well known for its workmanship and dedicated services for every project. HDB License: HB-05-4684B
Swiss Interior Design
Swiss Interior Design
Swiss Interior Design
Interior Designer
We listen, analyse our client’s needs, goals and design preferences, we conduct feasibility studies and site evaluation for our clients. Regardless of size, all our projects will receive the same amount of dedication & attention. No customer requirements too challenging for us to fulfill. At Swiss Interior we are committed to always ensure clients satisfaction. Using computer aided 3D software, our design team develop and finalize design drawings, perspective drawings, space planning layout that we will present to our client. At Swiss Interior, our service to you does not end after we handover our job to our clients. We believe in building long term friendship. To achieve this, we offer comprehensive range of after-sales services in anticipation of your needs. Casetrust ✔️
Zenith Arc
Zenith Arc
Zenith Arc
Interior Designer
Zenith Arc have built a reputation in excellent customer care and unwavering dedication to deliver interiors that are nothing but the best. We strive to achieve the right balance between form and function, taking pride in our ability to combine timeless designs with the latest trends. Our team will work closely with you to determine a design that best suits the living or work environment so that you can be completely satisfied with the end results.
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