Best of Qanvast: The Most Popular Interior Ideas of 2018

January 8, 2019

It’s the start of a brand new year and also the perfect time for a round-up of home trends and ideas from 2018. From chic monochrome spaces on Instagram to tranquil Zen dwellings from Facebook, here are the most popular homes that you were swooning over!

Our Top Facebook Favourites

1. It’s no surprise that this apartment is a fan favourite. Light wood hues, dining bench, a platform and half-hacked kitchen wall? This Japanese, ryokan-inspired interior, with its serene atmosphere, checks all the right boxes when it comes style and function.

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2. A great way to visually segment an open concept space without being too intrusive, platforms are a stylish addition to your home – just like this minimalist interior. In the kitchen, an island counter that doubles as a dining area helps to save space while creating a more open interior.

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3. It’s hard not to obsess over this immaculately-styled, modern-vintage condo that looks oh-so-posh. Decked from head-to-toe in a luxurious palette of cream, taupe, white, and gold, this home’s stylish outlook is truly #goals. Go further in and you’ll also discover a generous walk-in wardrobe that is the stuff of every fashionista's dreams!

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Our Top Instagram Posts

1. This bedroom’s dark, moody theme, accentuated with the right ambient lighting, sets a warm and cosy atmosphere that we could all use a bit of. Packed with storage solutions such as a platform and built-in floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, it’s no wonder this room’s smart design is liked by many.

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2. Here’s another cool and rugged home that made it to our list of Top 3 Instagram posts for 2018. Oozing masculine charm, dark designs are becoming more popular than ever! To get a similar look, opt for stony tiles and black fittings.

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3. This kitchen owes its striking look to the use of matte-black laminates that form a perfect contrast with natural wood tones. But what we're really in love with are those dark, stone-look tiles that match beautifully with the kitchen's lightwood carpentry.

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Our Most-Saved Home Images

1. The monochrome theme never goes out of style for a reason: it's a classic! This resale HDB flat's clean aesthetic is a perfect example of stylish, black-and-white decor. If you're keen on getting this look, don't forget to include a dash of indoor greenery to liven up that mono palette.

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2. Light, bright and airy! Flushed with natural light and free of clutter, this apartment's inviting Scandinavian-inspired look is a breath of fresh air. Marrying light wood hues and pristine white surfaces, this house is not only easy on the eyes but is also a perfect retreat after a long day at work.

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3. Incorporating sliding partitions helps keep this open-concept home's layout flexible, they are also perfect for when you need a bit of privacy! Taking the place of a feature wall is a (pocket-friendly) graphic display that adds a pop of colour to the surroundings.

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1. Go Dark

Homeowners used to shy away from a dark colour palette, but lately, we've been seeing homes embracing it more! The key to pulling it off? Make sure to go for reflective surfaces that allow light to bounce off and brighten up the surroundings.

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2. Coastal Vibes

It's all about that breezy, airy and slightly resort-like vibe with coastal homes. This refreshing, laid-back pad will give you the holiday feels all year round, thanks to its clean white-washed interior and eclectic mix of wood furnishings. Lastly, don't forget to add a natural touch with some potted greens!

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3. MUJI-esque

This probably comes as no surprise – Japanese-inspired spaces continue to be a hit with Singaporean homeowners. With its minimalist appeal and fuss-free aesthetic, the ever-popular MUJI style easily dominated homes in 2018 – and we're certain it'll continue to do so in 2019!

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