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10 Homes That Show Why 4-Room HDBs Aren't Boring At All

January 9, 2018

If you live in a four-room apartment and have no idea what to do with it, fret not! These fellow four-room apartments surprise us with what can be achieved design-wise, working different types of spaces to a perpetual camera-ready state. Whip out a pen and notebook because it’s time for you to take some notes!

1. Modern designs always look clean and timeless, but give it a gritty spin by incorporating hues of black and grey without compromising on class. The clean lines in the living room pull the look together, creating visual interest and cohesion.

Interior designer: KDOT Associates
Location: McNair Road
Cost of renovation: $75,000

2. The reason why Scandinavian designs endure is because they look fun, while serving practical purposes at the same time. And the look is super easy to emulate too – keep your main colours simple, but incorporate one or two pieces of furniture in a bright wash of colour. Your living space will immediately look livelier, how easy was that?

Interior designer: MET Interior
Location: Boon Lay Avenue
Cost of renovation: $49,000

3. In a world of white, you can bet your money that a pop of blue is sure to be noticed. Our eyes are immediately drawn to the plush sofa and fluffy rug in a rich shade of blue that stand out from the white surroundings. Also, you too can have a little walk-in wardrobe in your room with the aid of half- glass walls. They give the illusion of an open, bigger space.

Interior designer: D'Initial Concept
Location: Whampoa Dew
Cost of renovation: $30,000

4. Uplift the mood at home with lots of white and accents in complementary pale shades! White is such a classic colour choice for the home and you can’t go wrong with it because it gives the home a lighter and airier feel. The touches of grey in this apartment are the sprinkles on the cake, giving the apartment a polished and completed look.

Interior designer: Chapter One Interior Design
Location: Anchorvale Crescent
Cost of renovation: $39,000

5. If white isn’t really your thing, consider industrial designs instead. The brooding mood of this apartment is evocative of a swanky underground pub, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have the freedom to indulge your love for toys and collectible figurines. Why not display them in a super cool display cabinet that fits right into the overall look of your home?

Interior designer: 82
Location: Toa Payoh Crest
Cost of renovation: $70,000

6. Give the impression that your home is bigger than it actually is by doing away with walls or partitions between the living area and kitchen. Play around with funky floor tiles or flooring designs to create a visual partition instead. The colour palette of this apartment is bold yet harmonious, with surprisingly fun and playful decorative accents.

Interior designer: DB Studio
Location: Anchorvale Crescent

7. Channel the lushness of the jungle in your modern apartment by integrating big, leafy potted plants and faux animal skin rugs around the house. And if you wish to retire to bed in a more contemporary setting, the calming, milky white scheme of this bedroom is sure to bring you to dreamland immediately.

Interior designer: Free Space Intent
Location: Tampines GreenForest
Cost of renovation: $58,000

8. Lovers of all things simple and clean, this apartment shows you how it’s done. Play elongated spaces to your advantage by keeping the furnishings sparse and down to the bare minimum, so that the area doesn’t look cluttered and cramped. Also, consider using raised platforms to divide different spaces in a room, so that everything looks like they are right where they belong.

Interior designer: UNO Interior
Location: Punggol Walk
Cost of renovation: $48,000

9. Your precious comic books and artworks can have a spot in your home, as exemplified by this apartment. House your comic books and character figurines in a bookshelf that cleverly acts as a partition that separates the bed from the work area. The vibe of this apartment is creative yet playful, perfect for homeowners who enjoy artistic pursuits.

Interior designer: AD. I. WRKS
Location: Telok Blangah Heights
Cost of renovation: $60,000

10. The design of this apartment is at once both homely and comforting, yet pleasantly surprising in some ways, such as the attention-grabbing mustard yellow wall in the dining area. The glass folding doors in the living room act as an effective space divider, without detracting from the perceived openness of the space.

Interior dsigner: Charlotte's Carpentry
Location: Ang Mo Kio
Cost of renovation: $39,000

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