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5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

March 17, 2017

Are you conflicted about hiring an interior designer for your home because you worry that they don't know what you want, cost too much or are simply too much trouble to handle?

In reality, engaging one isn't as frivolous (or dramatic) as those home makeover shows portray it to be; And there's actually more to an interior designer's job than trivial stuff like picking patterns or choosing colours. Here, we debunk the myths and find out the real deal behind hiring an interior designer.

Myth # 1: “Interior designers are expensive"

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

You don't require a blockbuster budget to deck out a home. This cosy looking abode rings up to a sum of only RM 70,000.

Interior Designer: DesignLah

Think that only wealthy folk hire interior designers? Think again. You don't have to have a million dollar budget to snag an interior designer, and consultants don’t merely throw large numbers at you. They actually work according to your budget.

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

It all depends on your personal preference. Here another RM 70,000 renovation is given a coastal spin, with brightly coloured, Scandinavian accents.

Interior Designer: JCS Design Project

Moreover, there are different interior firms that cater to various price points, be it a major revamp or minor refinements. At the very least, you can also consult with an interior designer to enhance your space and work with the furniture you already have. You may also refer to a designer for their opinions when experimenting with a fresh colour scheme, small DIY projects and furniture planning for a new home.

Myth # 2: “Small homes don’t need an interior designer”

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

This 75 sqm duplex condominium looks anything but cramped, despite its dark, industrial palette.

Interior Designer: X Dimension Design

Modest spaces need just as much help with design and décor planning as do larger homes. This is because smaller homes often present a unique set of challenges as well. It often requires strategic planning to maximise the utility and function of the space.

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

Likewise, this plush, luxurious-looking 80 sqm apartment is bigger than it lets on, with the use of creamy colours and sensible furniture choices.

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

In terms of traffic and circulation patterns (how people move through a space), smaller homes could really benefit from having an interior expert map out practical arrangements.

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

When you have a compact living space like this 74 sqm condominium, the less clutter, the better.

Interior Designer: Morse Interior Design

Moreover, with limited space, every addition needs to be meticulously planned. Choosing just one piece of furniture that is too large can overwhelm an entire space and throw a look off balance.

Myth #3: “An interior designer should know everything”

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

Pops colour and cute retro cushions befit this artist's apartment, giving it a relaxed, creative vibe.

Interior Designer: La Conception Hauz

An interior designer can adapt to your styles, but he/she can’t read your mind. That’s why they conduct consultations, so as to suss out your preferred style and design needs.

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

Want your home to reflect your animal-loving personality? An interior designer can help you weave in those elements, like this spacious dining area.

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

Even if you are clueless to what you want (which is often the case), don't shut them out - browse through Qanvast and save any ideas that strike your fancy; A good designer should be able narrow down a style that will suit your options and personality.

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

This hyper-realistic 3D rendering of a modern, loft-concept study definitely helps homeowners picture things out as close to reality.

Interior Designer: A Moxie Associates Sdn Bhd

And if visualising spaces isn't your strong suit, interior designers can present to you their interior ideas using 3D software – so don't worry about unfortunate surprises that you did not approve.

Myth #4: “Interior designers take too much time”

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

Zen-like wooden partitions, plumped furniture in yellows and greens - this well constructed, classy apartment only took 6 weeks to complete.

Interior Designer: Dot Works

Well, that depends on the scope of your requests. Before commencing any project, an interior designer will first consult with you about your intended timeframe and advise if it is indeed feasible.

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

You would expect an expansive, complex space like this 325 sqm home to have a somewhat longer renovation - but surprise! - it was completed in 8 weeks.

Interior Designer: GDA Concepts

Also, most designers balance work schedules to make it as easy and convenient on their clients as possible. A major revamp might take more time, but nothing more than necessary.

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

A bright, cheery apartment decked with tons of storage and cabinetry space was achieved in a matter of 8 weeks.

Interior Designer: Designers' Home

As compared to engaging a contractor who will require constant instructions in order to work, interior designers actually save you the headache and hassle by helping out with your project management.

Myth #5: “Interior designers are all about design, not practicality”

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

A smart interior designer is able to maximise every inch of space; This living area incorporates a hidden storage and seating area by the TV console.

Interior Designer: Pocket Square

Interior designers are not a bunch of arty farty, flamboyant trend chasers. On the contrary, good interior designers will work to bring together elements of practicality and style. Besides, an interior designer won't just make autonomous decisions about your home, the final say is with you!

5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!
5 Myths About Hiring An Interior Designer, Busted!

Here's a masterclass on using thin, narrow corridors to your advantage - conceal your doors with the same wall finishes, so the pathway looks wider.

Interior Designer: Zeng Interior Design Space

At their core, interior designers are problem-solvers first and stylists second. After all, they have to handle all the necessary aspects of your renovation, from overseeing hackings, electrical wirings to the fitting of utilities and the like. And, don't forget that they'll have to consider a multitude of design woes such as poor space utilisation and imbalanced lighting too.

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