What is your dream home like? Have you decided on how you’d like to design your space or what you can do with that spare room? We have tons of ideas that can help you speed up the decision making.

Here are some popular ideas homeowners are looking for:

Homeowners today prefer a clean, minimalist home design and it’s not difficult to understand why. Its clutter-free design is pleasing to the eye and makes home cleaning much easier. However, don’t be confused - having a minimalist home design equates a lower renovation cost. If you have tons of stuff, a minimalist design would mean more storage required to stash your items away. And if you’re looking at built-in carpentry, it could mean a bigger renovation budget is required.

Do your own research - don’t leave it all to the designers to conceptualise the design concept for you. It’s your home after all and only you will know what works for you best. Share your concept with the designer and get them to refine for you. Tell them what you are comfortable and aren’t.

If you are still undecided on the designs you like? Drop us a note on what you’d like to see, or speak to an interior designer on how best to design your home. It’s a free service Qanvast provides and it’s non-obligatory.