When renovating, don’t be swayed by renovation cost and designs. No doubt that these are the biggest decision-making factors for many, there are other factors that make or break the working relationship you have with the ID. Here’s what to look out for when you’re engaging an interior designer:

Here’s a quick guide on what to look out for:

When designing your place, take into considerations your habit and lifestyle needs - for example, the number of items you are looking to store, where should certain storage or features be placed (for example, if you tend to leave keys lying around, then having a ledge or storage near the door would be more convenient), how you will be opening / closing a feature, and how long you will be staying in the unit. A good design is not just about a house looking pretty, but one that is functional and suited for your lifestyle. Do also consider the way you move around the house - if you’re someone who is tall, would you bump into a low beam, or would the basin be too low for you?

Do your own research - don’t leave it all to the designers to conceptualise the design concept for you. It’s your home after all and only you will know what works for you best. Share your concept with the designer and get them to refine for you. Tell them what you are comfortable and aren’t.

Renovation is never an easy process, and that’s where we are here to guide you. Drop us a note on what you’d like to see, or speak to an interior designer on how best to design your home. It is a free service Qanvast provides and it is non-obligatory.