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Interior Designer Reviews

Meeting a designer? First, check out these detailed reviews, submitted by Malaysia homeowners and verified with accompanying contract submissions.
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668 reviews
Verified reviews are cross-checked against their renovation contract.
Review of Red Land Design
Bad experience

Reviewed by Terence・Submitted 29 Sep 2023・Renovation in progress・Designer Xxx

It was truly an unsatisfying experience to deal with Redlane on my new house interior design. I was recommended by my friend so I decided to engaged with Redlane without comparing with other vendor which I so regrettable on my decision New sales team was assigned to handle my order. I made 70% deposit and the figure close to rm 10k. Surprisingly I didn't get what we expected. 1) Poor listening skil. We have highlights our clear requirements on new house and our main concern ( warm feeling house + cabinet color + study area + clear lightning). However,all these requirements doesn't convey to designer and the first draft we got is totally different concept. ( it is grey and dark design + different cabinet color as the sample we sent before ) 2) Not Professional ID company should able to provide idea to customer how to improve their living lifestyle and advise according. However, throughout the order process, we fail to get any solid idea but mostly they just listening and do measurement and come out with first draft directly. We found this weakness when we engaged with another ID company which is more professional and shows us different industry standard. 3) Not customer oriented Their working way is passive. I have urgent deadline to meet but I didn't get much help on faster working process. Initial committed first draft is 45 days but eventually it took 60 days. ( which I found it is unreasonable lead time, my another new ID able to provide first draft by 4 days and finalize the whole design within 2 weeks). What make us feel upset is the first draft design is generic and look very similar to those design which you can found in 小红书. I make complaint and their feedback is they have too much client to handle hence it take longer time to complete my work. My advise to everyone here, Redlane might not a good choice for you if you need a dedicated and fair service which really 100% focus on you. 4) Not considerate I have deadline to meet for new house which is December 2023. I engaged with Redlane on 25th May, site measurements on 31st May , first draft received by end of July.2 to 3 times reminder was given to expedite the process through WhatsApp but the response way is passive which replied with simple message " noted and thanks for your patience". When meet up for the first draft , I highlights again on my urgency and explained my existing house was sold and that the reason I want move in new house by December. Surprisingly the sales team doesn't react as what I expected but her first reaction is asking me to refer her buyer contact so she can do more sales. It it truly disappointed to know they are only focusing on sales but totally neglected my concern. I have raise my concern to management team and they agree to assign more person in charge and designer into the group for further discussion. My wife and me are struggling as we feel something not right but we unsure if want move on or not. Thankfully we met another more professional ID at the same period and what we experiencing with him is very good. We decided to stop working with Redlane as the confidence level is not there. The deposit of Rm 9200 burnt and I treat it as cut lost so I can move on with my original goal to setup new home. I shared my story here so any potential customer could take it as consideration factor before you engaged with Redlane. It is purely my personal experience on them and i Hope this is useful to you all.

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Review of Touch by Design
Daymond Tong
Overall Interior designs experience for my new condo

Reviewed by Daymond Tong・Submitted 7 Sep 2023・ Project completed Sep 2023・Designer Zo Yee

I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the exceptional work you have done in designing my condo @ PARQ SOLARIS. Your talent, dedication, and attention to detail have truly transformed my living space into a beautiful and cozy environment within my expectation. From the initial concept to the final touches, your creativity and expertise have shone accordingly as what i requested. You listened to my ideas and preferences, and then skillfully brought them to life. Your ability to balance aesthetics with functionality has made my condo not only visually stunning but also incredibly comfortable and practical. You communicated effectively, met deadlines, and handled every aspect of the design with care and precision. It's clear that you take great pride in your work, and it certainly shows. I am beyond thrilled with the result. Thank you for your outstanding contributions, and I look forward to enjoying my beautifully designed condo for years to come.

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Exceptional Interior Design Experience with Surface R Design

Reviewed by Spring Chan・Submitted 27 Aug 2023・Renovation in progress・Designer Chew Yee

I recently had the privilege of working with Chew Yee as my interior designer, and I am delighted to share my remarkable experience. From the moment I engaged her services, Chew Yee exhibited an unparalleled level of professionalism, creativity, and dedication that truly transformed my living space into a masterpiece. One of the most striking aspects of Chew Yee's approach is her remarkable ability to truly understand her clients' visions. Through attentive and insightful conversations, she adeptly captured my preferences, lifestyle, and aspirations, translating them into a design concept that perfectly aligned with my desires. Her keen attention to detail was evident as she meticulously incorporated every element I envisioned while infusing her own innovative ideas to enhance the overall aesthetic

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Review an Interior Firm
Help other homeowners by sharing your experience.
Professional and Responsible

Reviewed by Daniel・Submitted 15 Sep 2023・ Project completed Aug 2023・Designer Ruchika

My first and best experience! Love the team and their efforts of making my dream house come true ! thank you so much Ruchika was by far the most responsive and helpful designer, she understand all my needs and matched my preference over my expectations! Her replied very fast even thought I asked a lot of questions during the design process, but they still had the patience to solve all my struggles and outcome was amazing.

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Professional and Easy to Go

Reviewed by Jennifer・Submitted 26 Jul 2023・Renovation in progress・Designer Chew Yee

Chew Yee's exceptional work has propelled Surface R Design to new heights in the world of design. The combination of aesthetic brilliance, functional excellence, sustainability, and effective communication has resulted in a portfolio of outstanding projects that stand as a testament to Yee's talent. If you're seeking innovative and top-tier design solutions, Surface R Design and Chew Yee should undoubtedly be your go-to choice.

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Kwong Siang Ding
Approachable, Polite,Friendly

Reviewed by Kwong Siang Ding・Submitted 19 Jul 2023・Renovation in progress・Designer winnie

I I am highly recommended Be-inner design Atelier to who's want to reno their house. Winnie and teams attend to me very well. She and the teams is a very professional designers and patient and always listening to what i need and being able to propose solutions to fulfill my request. Winnie has always given me clear advice and a quick and fast response to all my questions. I am very enjoy and appreciate with her service.Keep it up.Thanks, Winnie.

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Pleasant and worry-free experience having them build our home.

Reviewed by Koh Brenda・Submitted 6 Jul 2023・Renovation in progress・Designer Mei Yee

My husband and I decided to engage Doubble Interior to renovate our new home after we spoke to the ID personnel (Mei Yee) on zoom. She provided good solutions, ID ideas snd space planning from our first meeting. Subsequently we find it easy to communicate our ideas and she provides good input and insights to help make the space functional yet curated to our taste and liking. She has good attention to details and she is responsive throughout the entire process whenever there is a hiccup. Overall we had a pleasant and worry-free experience having them build our home. Recommended to many of our family and friends who will be doing renovation. We are grateful for Mei Yee (our I.D) and this partnership with Doubble Interior. Thank you for building us a beautiful home!

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Highly recommended if you’re looking for a good quality and assurance interior design company.

Reviewed by Trevor yap・Submitted 9 Aug 2023・ Project completed Jul 2023・Designer Naythan and Zet

Naythan and Zet showed their professional expertise when handling my inquiries. I actually met with several interior design firms, Double Interior wasn't the cheapest, but the materials they use are top-notch. Naythan was the one in charge of my project, and Zet stepped in to manage all of my consultations and home design. Whenever Zet faced a challenge, he would discuss it with their colleagues or Naythan and find a solution, which is a good collaboration. Zet has a knack for collaborating with other contractors like electricians, plasterers, and carpenters. To be honest, the design really hit the mark in terms of our needs. The only hiccup was an issue with the plumber, but even though it was resolved, I think there's room for improvement in that area. Once I moved in, there were some patches and minor repairs that needed to be addressed, but Zet was always on the ball and made sure everything got fixed, so i don't need to worry about after-sales service. That's something I usually keep an eye on, and they did an excellent job there. All in all, it's a fantastic design—attention to detail, excellent craftsmanship, high-quality, and great customer service.

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Reviewed by Jennifer. Jazzcapital・Submitted 9 Aug 2023・ Project completed Jul 2023・Designer Jing Lin

I was assigned to Isabell as our ID by Doubble Interior. She is very helpful, patient and responsive to all my doubts. I told her about my requirements and we discuss on it. Then she advise and gave me alot of ideas and suggestions which I really appreciate.. She even help me on the choosing of furnitures and appliances. Thanks Isabell for all the great work and advise given. Keep up your great works.

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Highly recommended!

Reviewed by Ooi Juin Yan・Submitted 9 Aug 2023・ Project completed Jul 2023・Designer Jing Lin

Recently worked with Jing Lin, our ID for the renovation of my house. It was an amazing experience overall. She took the time to understand my preferences and expectations which I really appreciate. During the renovation, she was always available and responsive and kept me updated on the progress to ensured everything was going smoothly. A helpful and responsible designer.

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Thank you Jing Lin and the team for the good work!!

Reviewed by WONG YUN HAN・Submitted 9 Aug 2023・ Project completed Jul 2023・Designer Jing Lin

I recently had the pleasure of working with our ID, Jing Lin. Throughout the design process, I was consistently impressed by her personalised approach. The attention to detail demonstrated by Jing Lin was exceptional. I highly recommend Doubble interior to anyone in search of Interior design firm.

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Thank you for turning my house into a beautiful and functional home!

Reviewed by Yuhui Chiong・Submitted 9 Aug 2023・ Project completed Jul 2023・Designer Meiyee and James

I am extremely pleased with Doubble Interior Associate's top-notch service and the exceptional professionalism displayed by Meiyee and James during our home renovation. Meiyee's innovative design ideas transformed our space, while James ensured a smooth and efficient construction process. Their attention to detail and clear communication made the project stress-free. I highly recommend Doubble Interior Associate for their outstanding work and talented team.

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Interior Designer Reviews

When choosing an interior designer, we believe that doing your own research matters – and it’s the reason why we have compiled a comprehensive list of independent homeowner reviews from all over Malaysia for your reference.

Our reviews are vetted and independently submitted by verified users, so you can be sure that they will help you make the right move in your renovation journey. You may refer to our Review Policy on how we manage and police the reviews.

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  4. Management style – Does your designer handle his work with care? Is he or she on the ball about his/her work?

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