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Designer Spotlight : InD'finity Design

January 24, 2017

First founded in 2009 by Darren Gan, interior designer company InD’finity Design has years of experience and successful projects under its belt. We sat down with Darren to discuss his approach on ID, the atmosphere on the work floor and plans for the future. His business represents the infinite combination of designs and concepts that give one the satisfaction and pride of owning a home instead of just a house. The “D” in “InD’finity” symbolizes the first letter of the word “Design” as well as the owner’s name!

How did your ID company come about?

Darren: After I graduated from ID, it was always my dream to become my own boss.I worked for another ID company for 7 years. Those years were very educative. I attained knowledge, gained field experience, and when I felt I knew everything from A to Z, I started InD’finity Design.

Designer Spotlight : InD'finity Design
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What is the culture in your company?

D: I am a very open boss. I look up to my former supervisors and learned as much as I could from them. I try to fulfil the same role for my own staff. I encourage my staff to go through the same learning processes as I did and make sure they use my A to Z knowledge to their own advantage. The work we are doing requires a lot of creativity so internally we are very flexible. Everyone has a different way to express their selves. We let creativity rule above anything else.

What is your firm signature style, one that homeowners remember and share with their friends?

D: Although all projects are different we try not to fall into repetition. We prefer a functional space over an alternative that is fancy and lavish. We like to see everything aligned, the dots connected, a clean cut and a balance in the design. Minuscule things that a homeowner might not see also matter to us. Everything is in the details. Our aim is to always fulfil the homeowners wishes to maximum extent.

Where do you get your design inspirations?

D: We like to be different from others. Most IDs have a certain style they always stick to but we like to be distinctive. The perception of some homeowners regarding ID is that the work must be flashy and highly decorated. We like to produce a space that is functional and benefits the homeowner.

Designer Spotlight : InD'finity Design
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What designer tips you will give to first time homeowners?

D: If money is an issue, I recommend doing your homework. Doing research online, talk to friends that have renovated before, and talk to people you can trust with the right set of knowledge. Engaging a trusted ID would help because you will not be doing any double work.

What is your worst experience with a homeowner?

D: My worst experience happened when someone was engaging us and did not appreciate our input. If a homeowner has his/her own clear ideas, it is not necessary to engage an ID.

What is the most memorable project you participated, and why?

D: We have recently started building a new bungalow from scratch. This is something I am very proud and has been in the perspective of the company for a while. The works are still ongoing and so far everything is going as planned. Another project I am more than satisfied with is the Suasana Bukit Ceylon Condo . The home owner trusted us completely and we were able to execute his project is a fantastic way.

Designer Spotlight : InD'finity Design
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If you were to describe your ID style to homeowners in one sentence, it will be ___

D: We will treat any client as my biggest client and treat the property as our own. That is something I also try to pass on to my staff. That way you appreciate the property and give your full 100% for the design.

Please feel free to include any special highlights you would like to share with your readers

D: When looking at the future of InD’finity we aim to continue growing and helping more homeowners to design their homes. We might consider opening a café. We think it would help us in extending the brand. Another innovative idea we have is to provide end to end solution to our clients like famous property developers would to its clients. We are confident of our quality of work and design standards to give clients that similar experience.

Designer Spotlight : InD'finity Design
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Company Details

Years of Experience = 7
Projects completed to date = Approximately 100

Awards / Signature milestone projects worth to mention

• My Favourite ID (2015)
This is the first award that we have received from iNcredible Media Sdn Bhd. The company was entitled to a spot in the top 50 among multiple competitors. This award gave us a lot of inspiration to produce a higher quality of service in the future. This award also increase our reputation and gave us recognition in the society.

• Asia Honesty Award (2015)
Our company has received the “Asia Honesty Award” for the year of 2015 in July 2015. This award shows that our company had made achievements and has upgraded our services in the right direction. The “Asia Honesty Award” was organized by Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Federation (AEEF), to recognize and celebrate the outstanding achievements of brands. This was the second award our company received. It gave us recognition on international level and also created awareness in the global marketplace. We have proven our company honesty level and increases our confidence. We have made a promise to ourselves to receive more achievements and awards to bring out the best of ourselves.

Designer Spotlight : InD'finity Design
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Image Credit : InD'finity Design

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