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5 Eyesores Every Home Has (And How To Fix Them)

August 1, 2017

The perfect home might not exist - but there's always a perfect solution! If you are stuck with little niggling blemishes or ugly, monstrous eyesores at home, why put up with it? There are many ways to fix the problem and get your home back in shape. Here are five typical household horrors plaguing homeowners today, plus tips on how to solve it:

1. Messy Computer Cables

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Gemelite Interior Studio

Probably one of the most common eyesores in any home – unsightly cables, wires, plugs and the like can truly mess with the stylish sensibilities of your interiors.

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: EL Creative Interior Design

One way to deal with wiring worries is to mount a peg board (easily available online) under your desk to hide unappealing cables and connectors.

This solution is perfect for home offices or study rooms but it might not be apt for other parts of the home e.g. bedrooms or common areas.

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Archiplan Interior Design

For these spaces, custom cabinetry with wire holes that go through the cabinet instead of over is both practical and potentially stylish (depending on the finish). You would need the help of a carpenter but this solution can apply to just about any electronic or electrical eyesore in the home. If exposed, you can hide electrical supply boxes, TV cables and internet wiring as well.

2. White Floor Tiles

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Nice Style Refurbishment

Even though ours is a tropical climate and cooling elements are appreciated whenever available, there are certain spaces that need aesthetic warmth for cosiness. Bedrooms and living areas definitely fall into this category.

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Latitude Design

Now, it's commonplace for many homes in Malaysia to install stone or homogenous floors for that very purpose (and for easy cleaning). But they can risk making your home look clinical and cheap - not a good way to cosy up in your private space. Luckily, you don't have to tear out your flooring and replace with parquet, here are a couple of ideas you can try to create some warmth to your floor tiles.

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

A fairly easy fix would be to make use of a large area rug or multiple accent rugs for stylish warming.

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: B & N Design Associate

Do also consider fitting DIY vinyl tiles in faux wood tones for instant warmth. These tiles are cost-effective, durable (typically lasts from one to five years) and are easy to fit.

3. Exposed Garbage Bins

Whether inside or outside the home, big, plastic garbage bins will never be a stylish look – for any décor. But still, it’s a necessity in every home. Thankfully, there are options to manage your bins, stylishly.

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Innhome Design Sdn Bhd

A very designer option would be to install pull-out bins that are part of your kitchen cabinetry. These bins are always concealed and out of sight, remaining a part of your kitchen rather inconspicuously.

Home Eyesores And Problems


For bins outside the home, you can conceal them in self-made crates or hire a carpenter to craft one for you.

Home Eyesores And Problems


Another option is to choose bins made out of materials that gel with your décor. Sleek stainless steel bins work with contemporary, modern or minimalist looks, whereas recycled wooden crates fit Scandinavian, eclectic, traditional and industrial-themed homes.

4. Exposed Plumbing Pipes

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: The Door Interiors

This particular household eyesore is not always a bad thing depending on the décor (e.g. industrial or urban). Still, it definitely does not fit with most themes.

Home Eyesores And Problems

In bathrooms and closed kitchens, one might be able to overlook it. However, some homes are “blessed” with exposed pipes running through living rooms, ceilings and the immediate exterior!

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Surface R

If the piping runs alongside walls, you can hide them behind plastered or feature walls (unless they are gas pipes, requiring professional advice). For pipes that run above your ceiling, you can consult a contractor to install a suspended-grid ceiling or coffered beams.

Home Eyesores And Problems

If none of these are possible, the next best thing to do is embrace this feature and work it into your décor. Wrap rope around the pipes for a nautical, rustic or country theme; adapt industrial décor or simply consider painting your pipes to camouflage into the existing design.

5. Ceilings That Are Too High or Too Low

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Urban Home

Ceiling height is a matter of preference, some like it soaring high for its modern look, ventilation, lighting potential and grand theme. Still, others prefer lower ceilings for its cosy, comfy, more traditional appearance. In other instances, older homes may simply be built this way.

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Genesis Mission Sdn Bhd

The good news is that there are go-arounds. If you do not love super high or low ceilings, here’s what you can do for each:

The Remedy For Overly High Ceilings

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Amorphous Design

Fill up space to reduce its excessively heightened feel with wood panelling all the way up side walls or over the ceiling. You can also install cabinetry, fit drop lighting or paint the upper parts of the wall in darker hues.

The Cure For Very Low Ceilings

Home Eyesores And Problems

Interior Designer: Anwill Design Sdn Bhd

Paint walls and ceilings in light bright colours (white is best) and stay away overly ornate mouldings. Recessed lighting or other modest fittings are best for shorter ceilings; avoid heavy chandeliers or pendants that can crowd the space. You might also want to keep furniture low and less bulky for balance and to create contrast in heights.

How do you fix these unsightly areas in your home once and for all? With the help of an interior designer! Whether it's coming up with a bold look for a dull space, or simply making it functional, we can match you up with 5 interior firms for free - based on your budget and style.

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