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How Much Does It Cost To Renovate In Malaysia?

June 15, 2023

We crunched the numbers and spoke with industry professionals, so you don’t go in blind.

Renovating a home is about designing a gorgeous space that you'll love, but it is also about being practical. Is your home able to accommodate your ideas? How long does it take, and the big question - how much will it cost?

how much to renovate in Malaysia
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Not sure how much you should set aside for your new home? Don't worry, we've got the answers! Here, we have compiled a list of estimated costs for various renovation works in Malaysia. Pair this up with the listed prices of renovation projects on Qanvast based on property type, size and your desired aesthetic to get a rough gauge of how much your renovation would cost.

Average renovation cost in Malaysia

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, which, coupled with the type/amount of renovation work required, can translate to different costs. But to give you a ballpark, here are some estimates for a complete renovation that includes carpentry, electrical wiring, plastering, painting, and wet work - based on property type.

  • Condominium: RM150,000
condo renovation in Malaysia
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  • Terrace: From RM220,000
terrace house renovation in Malaysia
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  • Semi-detached: RM300,000
semi-d renovation in Malaysia
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  • Bungalow: RM400,000
bungalow renovation in Malaysia
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Building Materials

1. Flooring

An utmost essential in every home, flooring can take up a huge chunk in one’s renovation budget. Of course, this amount would depend on the square footage, type of material, or finish that you use. Here are the prices for various flooring materials, including installation:

  • SPC: RM9 per sqft
  • Laminate/ Vinyl: From RM8 - RM11 per sqft
  • Carpet: RM9 per sqft
  • Tiles: RM17- RM24 per sqft
  • Marble/ Granite/ Solid Wood : RM45 per sqft
renovation cost Malaysia
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2. Plumbing

Another must-have in every renovation is proper sanitary fittings to supply water to various parts of your home, including your kitchen, bathrooms, laundry yards, and even your outdoor spaces. Here's a general estimate to look at when buying and installing some key sanitary/plumbing-related fittings:

  • Water heater: RM220
  • Sink and tap: RM180 - RM300
  • Toilet bowl/ W.C: RM250 - RM380
  • Rain shower: RM250
  • Bidet spray: RM50 - 150
renovation costs Malaysia
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Note: Prices may vary according to the brand of sanitary fittings you select.

3. Electrical Works

By virtue of the fact that they are hidden, many tend to overlook setting a sum for electrical wiring, which includes power, lighting, and cable points. Prices may differ from electrician to electrician, but here is an estimated cost for each type of electrical work as well as the cost of material:

  • Power point : RM100 - RM150 (13 amp socket) RM200- RM250 (15 amp socket) RM250- RM280 (20 amp socket)
  • Ceiling lighting point: RM65 - RM90
  • Two way switch: RM150
  • A doorbell: RM70 - RM150

Lighting (to supply and install)

  • Surface mounted downlight and lighting point: RM90 - RM150
  • LED strip light for cabinet: RM30 ft/run
  • A pendant light: RM80 and above (depends on the size, style and materials)
  • Track lighting (3 heads): RM350

Air conditioning and fans (to supply and install)

  • Ceiling fan: RM450 to RM680
  • Wall fan: RM400
  • Mini ceiling fan: RM490
  • Air conditioner: RM1450 (1.0HP), RM 1750 (1.5HP), RM 2630 (2.0HP)
  • Exhaust fan for kitchen: RM350
how much does it cost to renovate in Malaysia
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Note: Some rooms would require additional hooks (for fans) or existing wiring for downlights. This will require additional installation costs, including concealment and plastering work! Do confirm with your ID or electrician if these are included in your quote.

4. Feature Walls

Every home needs a focal point, and this is often achieved with the help of a feature wall! Of course, the options are limitless when it comes to dressing your walls - think wallpaper, wall beading, or plywood laminates. Nevertheless, here are some pricing guidelines for some popular feature wall works, including the cost of the materials:

  • To supply and apply 1 coat of paint: From RM1.80 - RM6.80 per sqft
  • Plywood laminate: RM90 per sqft
  • Wallpaper: RM5 - RM12 per sqft
  • PVC wall panelling: RM40 per sqft
  • Full-height mirror: RM48 - RM80 per sqft
  • Wall beading design (pictured below): RM20 - RM22 per sqft
how much to renovate in Kuala Lumpur
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5. Carpentry Work

Built-in carpentry work, as opposed to loose furnishings, can provide a visually cohesive look in a room. But how much does it cost to build one in your own home? Here is the average cost to supply and install built-in carpentry, but do keep in mind that pricing is also affected by the material used and the complexity of the work. This price is based on the melamine finish (the most affordable material), so it will differ depending on the materials you select.

  • Shoe cabinet: RM420 - RM450 per sqft
  • TV console (per ft/run): RM360 per sqft
  • Hanging TV cabinet : RM250 - RM470 per sqft
  • Kitchen cabinet (Base/Wall): RM545- RM720 per sqft
  • Kitchen island: RM700 per sqft
  • Full height wardrobe: RM785 - RM900 per sqft
  • Study table: RM300 - RM450 per sqft
how much to renovate in Selangor
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6. False Ceiling

False ceilings are a great way to add dimension and provide a seamless platform to install any recessed lighting. They also serve a practical purpose, helping to conceal any stray electrical wires, service lines, or cables. Here are the general costs for false ceiling work:

  • Plaster ceiling: RM5.50 per sqft
  • Light through: RM22 per sqft
Kuala Lumpur renovation cost
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7. Wall hacking and partition

Be it opening up a space, combining two rooms, or reshaping your home's layout, hacking is a common component in a renovation. Likewise, hacking work will need to be done if you're looking to build a partition or half wall. Here are the general costs for wall hacking and building a partition:

  • Wall hacking: RM5.50 - RM6 per sqft
  • To supply and install gypsum partition: RM13 per sqft
  • Tempered glass divider: RM65 per sqft
  • Sliding glass door with aluminium frame: RM125 per sqft
wall hacking in Malaysia
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8. Window treatment

Window treatment is another essential part of your home renovation. It helps to filter the amount of natural light that enters a room and create the desired ambiance. For instance, blackout curtains can be used in bedrooms to block out light and create a dark and conducive sleeping environment, while sheer curtains can filter light and provide a soft, diffused glow. Here’s the cost of materials for different types of window treatments and the cost to install them:

  • Sheer curtain: RM7- RM20 per sqft
  • Blinds: RM23.80 per sqft
  • Blackout curtain: RM16.80 per sqft
  • Curtain pelmet/light trough: RM18-19 per sqft
Kuala Lumpur renovation
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Disclaimer: The costs listed are averages and estimates from various sources and interior designers. Prices may differ depending on brand, quality, and the type of work required.

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