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Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart

December 31, 2016

Smart Homes Get Smart Music

We’ve come so far in the way we play music in our homes – and now we’re stepping even further into the future with the help of home automation systems like goSmart, our domestic smart system specialist.
Essentially, upgrading your property with a smart system means you’ll be able to control just about any household task with ease from wherever you are.

For instance, regulate the temperature, draw the blinds, dim the lights and even play your favourite tunes without leaving your seat!

But the system is not just for convenience or entertainment purposes, consider the added layer of security as well. For example, when homeowners are on vacation, they may remotely control sounds in the home to create an impression that the house is not empty and this may deter potential burglaries.

Smart systems have the potential to fill your home with music from just a tap on your smartphone or touch panel. And no doubt, music aficionados will appreciate all the melodies a smart home can offer!

Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart
Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart
Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart
Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart

goSmart In the Way You Play Your Favourites Tunes

The goSmart system brings you Sonos, a leading wireless home sound system that spreads music to any space in your home, for every occasion with its Wi-Fi speakers. Both conventional wired speakers as well as Sonos network (wireless) devices can be controlled and managed in the same way with goSmart.

Furthermore, if you are keen on playing music from various sources and services, know that you can centralise the music you listen to, be it from Spotify, Apple Music or from satellite services such as MTV or the radio stations on Astro. The system is equipped to integrate these apps and sources.

Your choices for speaker variety and volume power are wide ranging with in-ceiling speakers, in-wall speakers, subwoofers and soundbars (to upgrade from in-built TV speakers). There’s even one available for your bathroom (with humidity resistance) or the outdoors, all controllable from the goSmart app.

If you are no stranger to hosting pool and garden parties, or simply enjoy soothing sounds as you lounge outside – an outdoor speaker would do the trick.

Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart

The Joys of Going Wireless

Pesky wires, plugs and cables along with complicated setups can turn a simple pleasure like listening to your favourite song into a mighty tiresome chore. With a smart system however, the tasks are simplified and setup is typically a one-time affair.

Your stereo and speaker sets will appear much sleeker and may be moved around to any room of the house with little effort. Just plug in your speaker, use the app to easily setup your preferences and you are good to go!

You also have the option to work in a more comprehensive version of the Sonos system at a later time, if you want to expand audio sources for example, without having to worry about additional wiring.

The Sonos system utilises Wi-Fi instead of Bluetooth and this typically makes for more crystalline sound quality, in addition to having the capability to sync a single song in multiple rooms or play different ones for each speaker at the same time!

When hosting parties, Bluetooth speakers might not be the right choice as your music selection will be interrupted when a call comes in or if you need to step out with your phone. However, with Sonos Wi-Fi speakers – this will not be an issue.

Moreover, Bluetooth tech can sometimes cause latency issues or lags especially when transmitting sounds from video or television sources. But for systems like goSmart that utilise Sonos Wi-Fi speakers, the sound supply will be properly in sync with its graphics.

In addition, you have the power to control the music in any room from wherever you are with Wi-Fi ranges superseding that of Bluetooth systems.
It’s obvious that music lovers will find home automation that integrates wireless speakers a must-have bit of tech even if it does come with a hefty (but worthy) price tag. [Note: I included this part because the client requested for the previous article to hint at its higher price but if this is not necessary here, I will modify the sentence.

Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart
Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart
Harmonise The Sounds in Your Home with goSmart

If you are thinking of a smart upgrade for your home so you can take advantage of multi-room music controls and all other automation possibilities, then goSmart is the system you’ll want. Call (6016-212 8118) or email to schedule an appointment at the goSmart showroom in Bandar Puteri Puchong (Walnut Café).

Image Credit : goSmart

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