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Renovating In Malaysia: Where To Spend VS What To Save

November 28, 2017

When it comes to renovating your home – two extremes often exist. On one hand, there’s the urge to splurge every penny on creating the ultimate home you’ve always dreamed of. On the other, do you really need to? Sure, call it a long-term investment (after all, you’re probably going to stay in it for years to come) – but some things aren’t necessarily important or worth the extra splurge.

To save yourself the potential regret (and to help you save up), we rank which of these 6 popular, big-ticket works are worth the spend, and which are not…

1. Mixed Tiles: SAVE

Renovation Works Spend or Save Malaysia

Interior Designer: The Scientist (Singapore)

Yes, they are everywhere on our Instagram feed (#sorrynotsorry) and they look eye-catching to boot, but fancy tiles in general are pretty costly. Fancy on fancy? Let’s say they should be at the bottom of your list if your renovation budget is a concern. Unless you’re an eclectic soul who has always been in love with this sort of mismatched thing, stick with timeless, classic tile colours that you know you won’t cringe about after 10 years.

2. Kitchen Backsplash: SAVE

Renovation Works Spend or Save Malaysia

Interior Designer: Surface R

Once again, another new fixture in stylish interior blogs and Pinterest boards, funky backsplashes are an instant way to add pizzazz (and hip factor) to your otherwise blah kitchen. However, just remember that they do just that – spiff up your space. Your kitchen can still function the same without it. And honestly? Extra backsplash tiles just means more cleaning work – considering how grime and dirt are easily trapped in the grout lines.

3. Wall Hack: SPEND

Renovation Works Spend or Save Malaysia

Interior Designer: Meridian Interior Design

Okay, hacking can be an expensive endeavour, but they are a worthy cost that can totally open up a cramped home or change the way a space functions (like an all-in-one open-plan concept). They can also greatly improve the way we live – and enable the space to fit into our lifestyles better. Just remember to think in the long run. Will you need your home to function differently in the future? For instance, that study room you were planning to hack for a larger living space might come in handy if you need extra storage space for the years to come.

4. Platform Bed: SAVE

Renovation Works Spend or Save Malaysia

Interior Designer: Spazio Design

The ultimate storage space maximizer, platform beds might be heaven sent solutions for hoarders and they give off that zen-like, minimalist look, but they have their downsides too. We won’t recommend having them if you’re living there for the long haul, as a platform bed’s flat surface can prove inconvenient to get out of as you age (or if you get pregnant).

Renovation Works Spend or Save Malaysia

Interior Designer: Grazioso Design

Perhaps something more functional in the long run is a taller, wider raised platform that still achieves the same look and provides ample storage space?

5. Walk-In Wardrobe: SPEND

Renovation Works Spend or Save Malaysia

Interior Designer: X Two Concept

If you’re talking about having enough storage space – spend those pennies on a solid, walk-in wardrobe instead. Got extra room at home to spare? Walk-in wardrobes are a worthy addition that not only helps you stow away your ever-increasing collection of clothes, but can even double as a mini-storeroom of sorts for other stuff. Consider customizing compartments for storing items like your vacuum cleaner, luggage, ironing board or any odd-shaped knick-knacks to fully utilize this space!

6. Bathtubs: SAVE

Renovation Works Spend or Save Malaysia

Interior Designer: Yong Studio

A long, leisurely soak in a luxurious tub sounds like the ultimate indulgence – because it is. To be honest, most of us probably wouldn’t make full use of a bathtub on a daily basis; instead we’d grab a shower head to get the job over and done with! Not only are bathtubs a hassle to install, they can consume more water – and are chore to clean. So, leave that claw foot tub for your next staycation instead, maybe?

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