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Here’s Where Designers Shop for Cool, Affordable Furniture

August 15, 2018

When looking for distinctive décor accessories, accent pieces and furniture to echo a specific style at home, it’s best to shop as and where the pros do! But where do interior designers in Malaysia shop for unique, statement-making pieces?

Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Interior Firm: Nu Infinity

Well, apart from standard furniture stores and go-tos like Ikea, you might find an interior designer rummaging at flea markets or even scouring social media sites for unusual décor pieces! Here is a list of the best places to shop for home décor accessories and furniture:

1. Second-hand stores

Stores that carry preloved home décor items and furniture can be a literal treasure chest to designers on the hunt. Especially now when earthier, rugged pieces are being sought! What’s best, second-hand stores are often a value-for-money option.

Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Source: One Stop Buy and Sell Enterprise

For example, One Stop Buy and Sell Enterprise (formerly the Selangor Junkyard Trading Company), is the place to source solid, quality pieces of furniture at low prices. But do keep in mind that furniture purchased from stores like this might require a little restoration and decorative TLC first!

Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Source: RECRO Facebook

If you are looking for upscale, vintage pieces and don’t mind paying a little more, try RECRO.

2. Social media

There are a number of incredibly talented home décor artists, furniture makers and sellers flaunting their goods, especially on Instagram! Ranging from home organisers, kitchen and serving wares to distinctive appliances, here, you’re likely to find pieces that are unique, sometimes handcrafted - and best part? - cost-friendly.

Some cool Instagram home décor sellers in Malaysia we're loving?

Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Source: Scandi.deco_bynora Instagram

  • @scandi.deco_bynora stocks up many Scandinavian-themed home accessories, small furniture and artworks.
Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Source: Krua.etc Instagram

  • @krua.etc offers a gorgeously curated collection of serveware and home organising accessories (trust us, you'll feel like getting everything.)
Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Source: Trendyozzie Instagram

  • @trendyozzie is the place to go for all the furniture, rugs and small home decor you've been obsessing on Pinterest.

3. Flea Markets

Malaysians love a good weekend flea market when shopping for homemade foodstuff, preloved clothes and books, as well as unique home décor pieces!

Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Source: Makers & Co Market Instagram

Junk and car-boot sales, as well as flea markets and bazaars can offer some of the most interesting, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind décor accessories to spruce up the style in your home. You may also find auxiliary furniture pieces on display at larger markets.

Some favourite flea market haunts include:

  • Makers & Co Market - A roving flea market that promotes local entrepreneurs and artisans around the Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur areas.

  • ilovebazaar - Holds regular bazaar events in the Klang Valley area, featuring all sorts of pre-loved products, including home accessories.

  • Markets @ Jaya One - Regularly holds themed markets that offer a wide range of home goods, from antiques, second-hand furniture and decor, to plants!

4. Department and Home Chain Stores

If you are under the impression that designers only shop at high-end stores and turn their noses up at your favourite department stores, think again! Sometimes, designers source a host of home accessories and decor filler from your typical department and home chain stores.

Where to Shop for Affordable Furniture and Decor

Source: Kaison Malaysia Instagram

Sheets, rugs, vases, pillow cushions, bathroom accessories, ornaments, candles (and holders) are some of the best decor items to buy from such stores. Try options like HomePro and Index Living Mall for home essentials and decor pieces. Another home and living store that's packed with budget-friendly decor buys? Check out KAISON.

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