How To Achieve The Industrial Look (In 5 Steps) 14

How To Achieve The Industrial Look (In 5 Steps)

April 4, 2017

Drawing inspiration from warehouses and factories, industrial interiors have long since evolved from its grungy origins; Today, this popular home aesthetic is more raw polish than unkempt grime, blending stripped down elements with trendy pieces to create an edgy, urban loft look.

While all that sounds really complicated, industrial homes are actually surprisingly easy to achieve, due to its distinctive features! Here are the 5 must-have elements to incorporate and master that coveted look to a tee.

1. Natural Finishes

Interior Designer: Matt Interior Design

The use of organic materials, such as metal, clay or wood are a must when going industrial. For example, bricks in their natural, unpainted state make for an excellent envelop for the walls, while cement is a stately replacement for floor tiles.

Interior Designer: Wayke Interior

Metallic elements also play a huge role in bringing out that mechanical aesthetic, and can be used for beams and furniture. Meanwhile, mellow woods can substitute practically anything at home. These natural finishes bring ease and warmth into the space, creating a laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of industrial lofts.

2. Geometric Shapes and Lines

Interior Designer: SQFT Space Design Management

Following the boxy, linear composition of factory buildings, another key aspect about industrial interiors is its emphasis on clean, straight lines, sharp corners and square motifs.

Interior Designer: X Dimension Design

This squarish theme is predominantly used in walls, furniture and decorative lighting fixtures to form a pleasing and uniform interior.

3. Full Length Windows

Interior Designer: Kava Decor

Let there be light! To mimic that vast, lofty warehouse look in a home, most industrial interiors emphasise on incorporating large, broad windows that let in plenty of natural light. Lose the curtains and go for roller shades instead to allow maximum light entry whilst keeping your home ceaselessly sleek and clean.

Interior Designer: Surface R

4. A Neutral Palette

Interior Designer: POW Ideas

Think of industrial buildings, and monochrome, muted hues come to mind; As such, an industrial-style interior palette is primarily neutral, comprising of deep colours like black, grey or brown.

Interior Designer: X Two Concept

Otherwise, a stark, whitewashed tone works just as well in conveying an impactful contrast. Another simple way to incorporate these colours? Adorning your home with classic, black-and-white photography.

Interior Designer: Surface R

5. Exposed Elements

Interior Designer: Mil Design and Construction

Any industrial-inspired home is incomplete without the theme's signature, 'unfinished' look. Introduce some bare aspects into your space, be it dangling wires or furniture that are unpainted and exposed, to give your home an offbeat, raw vibe.

Interior Designer: Id Industries

While most interiors strive to conceal chunky pipes or ducts, these components are flaunted as statement pieces in an industrial interior.

Interior Designer: Kech Design Studio

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