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Taiwan Excellence Bring Green Innovations to Archidex 2024

June 18, 2024

To stay at the forefront of net-zero sustainability, Taiwan Excellence returned to the Malaysia International Architecture, Interior Design, and Building Materials Exhibition (Archidex) from 3 July to 6 July at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC).

Taiwan Excellence at Archidex expo
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Embracing this year's theme, 'Greener Together,' Taiwan Excellence will showcase a robust lineup of 11 award-winning brands that champion the green movement in our daily lives. These brands exemplify the 'Best Made in Taiwan' promise, setting new standards for sustainability.

Among the brands participating in the exhibition are Taiwan's premier building coating provider, Hua Tsai Paints (Medusa), and the renowned professional suction cup manufacturer, Ferro-Carbon (FECA).

1. Medusa

Medusa, a leading Taiwanese paint manufacturer, utilizes a non-toxic, odourless, and safe water-based formula. Their flagship product, i-WaterProof paint, features patented technology proven to extend the lifespan of structures and effectively prevent water seepage and absorption damage to walls.

Water damage to walls occurs mainly when water infiltrates the microscopic pores in concrete. Drawing on thousands of years of traditional building wisdom, i-WaterProof incorporates plant-based, natural inorganic long-chain calcite to shield concrete from water seepage. This non-toxic, odourless, water-based formula is mixed with cement sand, providing waterproofing in a single step thus significantly reducing labour costs and time by half.

Taiwan Excellence at Archidex expo
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Another cutting-edge product by Medusa is the i-Recycled Coating. This eco-friendly, and non-toxic material is made from over 25% agricultural plant fibers and recycled semiconductor materials, resulting in a unique, abrasion-resistant coating. It is widely used in numerous construction projects across Taiwan, and its durability and effectiveness have been proven in the field.

For more information about Medusa's products, you can visit their official website here.


At the event, visitors can also experience FECA's range of high-quality suction cup products, designed to help homeowners save space and minimise clutter.

Taiwan Excellence at Archidex expo
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While typical suction cups often demand smooth surfaces and are notorious for unexpected detachment, FECA's cutting-edge technology ensures reliable support for heavy items, eliminating the risk of sudden falls. Moreover, these suction cups can be securely attached to rough and matte surfaces, significantly enhancing their versatility.

Taiwan Excellence at Archidex expo
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FECA's suction power rivals that of permanent fittings without causing surface damage, allowing for easy repositioning if required.

For more detailed information about the product, you can visit their official website here.

Greener Together with Taiwan talk, 4th July 2024

In addition to the aforementioned brands, Taiwan Excellence will be hosting a "Greener Together with Taiwan'' talk on July 4th that will provide visitors with insights into Taiwanese innovative technology and products. You can participate in the talk by signing up through this link.

Visitors are also invited to visit the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion located at Hall 2, Booth 2L180 at the KL Convention Centre during the Archidex expo on 3 to 6 July 2023 to discover more about the Medusa and FECA products as well as other eco-friendly products on offer.

For more information about Taiwan Excellence's premium products, visit their website here.

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