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These are the Biggest Interior Trends in Malaysia for 2019

December 19, 2018

Unless you are an interior decorator or an HGTV host, chances are that you won't be revamping a home every time a new trend pops up. But, it never hurts to keep tabs on what's in or out for your next (or first) major makeover!

But if you are planning to renovate your home in the upcoming year, great news! 2019 is packed with exciting new trends to consider; from laid-back, natural looks to going all out with dramatic hues and elements, check theses hottest decor trends taking over homes in Malaysia (and beyond) below:

1. Cosy, cheery elements

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

View this project by The Crafters

The panel has spoken; with Pantone's Living Coral and Delux's Spiced Honey as 2019's colours of the year, all signs point towards creating a cosy, cheery home in the upcoming year!

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

Think ultra-comforting spaces with sung knitted throws, deep pile rugs, hulking day beds or sofas for lazing in. Softness is key here, and you'll want to go toward more restful, relaxed elements like natural woods, greenery, incandescent lighting and other warm neutral colours.

2. Freeform florals

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

View this project by D'Initial Concept (Singapore)

Along with warmth and cosy – spring comes early in 2019! You’ll see plenty of fresh floral designs, accessories, and prints make a genteel comeback. Incorporate floral and pastel tones with warm whites when choosing fabrics, paints, wallpapers, and other prints. Do also consider larger or more singular floral motifs, with a bolder background, for a more dramatic look.

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

View this project by Meridian Interior Design

However, one floral-based motif you might want to skip out on? Floral chintz. These prints have lost their lustre after being a primary décor feature in Asian homes in the last five years (at least). We saw everything from bedsheets, to chair prints and even cabinetry with floral chintz. It's time we saw something else.

3. Natural, sustainable materials

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

Interior Designer: Arttcent Studio

Now more than ever, designers are looking towards using more sustainable, earth-friendly materials to minimise their environmental footprint in renovations. This includes reclaimed woods, bamboo and cork, glass, recycled paper (used for lampshades), and hemp.

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

Interior Designer: Prozfile Design (Singapore)

Do consider recycled or handmade pieces as well as second-hand furniture. If you are considering a major makeover– a green remodel could help you potentially save money and still enable you to achieve a stylish, modern home!

4. Bold colours

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

View this project by Yong Studio

If neutral palettes and a laid-back look is not really your style, make a décor statement come the New Year with bold colours! We're seeing more homes opting for an all-black bathroom, a daring primary-coloured wall or a large-and-in-charge dramatic wall mural in their spaces as well. The best part? It's also the perfect trend for homes looking for a quick refresh - all you've got to do is to dig out your paint brush!

5. Soft curves

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

View this project by SQFT Space Design Management

Sharp, angular lines? So five years ago. In 2019 (and the years to come), soft, curved elements are set to take center stage in interior elements and furniture designs.

Interior Trends 2019 Malaysia

View this project by Nevermore Design

We're seeing fewer pieces with hard lines and overly rigid shapes. Instead, rounded furniture such as semi-circle sofas, smooth-edged tables, bentwood pieces, rounded sectionals in plush materials like velvet are making a bigger style statement. Definitely a welcome change from the more austere and 'straight'-lined looks that have dominated Malaysian homes in the past decade.

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