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What Jo Malone Taught Us About Designing Our Home

April 1, 2019

Most of us know Jo Malone for its luxurious selection of lifestyle products but there’s no denying that the renowned fragrance brand is also known for its distinctive style. Using a (mainly) monochromatic palette to great effect, the brand exudes a vogue air.

Here, we break down and pick apart Jo Malone’s unique style and the principles behind the brand (shared by Rose Uniacke, the interior designer behind the Jo Malone London Townhouse) so that you can borrow some of these design elements in the making of your new home!

1. Don’t confine yourself to one style

Kingsville Show Unit by Sachi Interiors
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Most times, homeowners opt for only one style in an effort to keep things looking cohesive. However, deviating from this methodology may just breathe new life into your home. Rose merges more feminine styles with masculine designs (such as pairing off vintage and rustic pieces) to achieve a simple, yet warm and luxurious look. So, the next time you’re revamping your home, try injecting a different style to add contrast (for example, Scandinavian with a tinge of industrial touch).

2. Plan your spaces carefully

The Astaka @ One Bukit Senyum JB by Muse Design Group Sdn Bhd
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Over furnishing can make you feel "suffocated" in your own home. Therefore, it’s important to take a step back and edit out the unnecessary accessories like mismatched throw pillows or poufs and more. Rose also recommends laying out boxes in place of furniture as it will provide a more accurate representation of your “breathing room” (the amount of free space you can work with). This way, it’ll help you get a better feel of the layout and its energy.

3. It’s all in the little details

Viluxe Villa, Pulau Pinang by SQFT Space Design Management
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Little tweaks can elevate the design of your home. In similar fashion befitting of the brand ethos, the Jo Malone London Townhouse features chalky pale paint on the walls, thin black lines stitched across natural calico cushions. With that in mind, pay closer attention and consideration to your furnishings, colour and materials to draw out your home’s full design potential.

4. Not every area of the home needs a purpose

After taking out all the extra furnishings, your home may feel slightly emptier but that’s nothing to stress over. Rose encourages leaving an empty area for an empty purpose since, if treated properly, it can be the thing that makes a house. Just add a statement piece like an antique vase or a beautiful carpet and leave it as is.

Viluxe Villa, Pulau Pinang by SQFT Space Design Management
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5. Use scents as decorative tools

To Rose, scents are another creative layer to the decorating process. Not only will it enhance the mood and interiors of a room, it immediately awakens and uplifts the atmosphere (which changes the way you feel about the interior). Though there is no hard and fast rule on which scents work best in a room, we recommend a floral scent for the bedroom, more masculine overtones in the communal spaces and zesty fragrances in the office to keep you energised.

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