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Youtube Influencer Sean Lee Opens Up About His Dream Home

November 8, 2017

Youtuber, host and lifestyle influencer, Sean Lee is no doubt an upcoming personality to watch out for – plus, extra points for starring in Coffee Prince, Astro’s much hyped remake of the iconic Korean drama series! So, here’s one for all the fans out there – they say the space you create reflects who you are inside.

We meet up with Sean at his favourite café, Walnut Café and Bar at Puchong, to find out more about his recent room revamp, interior style and vision for his dream home!

Youtuber Sean Lee New Room Dream Home
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Qanvast: You recently renovated your room?

Sean (S): Yup, I did it in a minimalistic, Santorini style - all covered in white, but with a bit of black, blue and wood for that contrast to mix things up! It’s a chill space with a laid-back vibe that’s comfortable and relaxing.

It used to be in dark grey, with a more cosy atmosphere – I had a sofa, carpets, and soft yellow lights. Since then I’ve made it more bright and airy by painting it white, and changing to white lights. Now I can see everything clearly. It’s a total, 180-degree change!

Youtuber Sean Lee New Room Dream Home
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Qanvast: Why the sudden change?

S: I was finally able to renovate and style my room the way I want it! Previously, it was all my parents’ choice but now I have the freedom to change it however I want.

My room used to be a mess, but now with everything brighter and more organized, it lifts my mood, and helps emotionally too, without all that clutter. I think lighting is really important to help set the mood, and give the space character. If I could, I would design my house in a way that natural light comes in at certain hours that gives a certain brooding atmosphere and a nice contrast.

Youtuber Sean Lee New Room Dream Home
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Qanvast: Other than your room, what’s your favourite space at home?

S: I would say my balcony. I spend a lot of time hanging there with my friends when they come over. It’s really spacious and I’m going to renovate it soon. I’m going to put a van on my balcony.

Qanvast: A van?

S: Yeah, I’m going to make a small living room in the van. Currently, my balcony’s empty… Just a few chairs and stools for us to sit around. Still, it’s my favourite space. And after I renovate it, even more so.

Qanvast: That’s cool… really hipster and industrial. Is that the kind of interior style you like?

S: I like something that looks really organized, and it has to have that old-school vibe; think back to the fifties or sixties. Minimalistic as well. It's the little things that would make the look work, like throwing in an old radio, vintage clock, using a barrel as a stool or table, or maybe you'll see a gas tank-looking chair. A flashback to an older era, with a vintage-industrial touch. Oh, I’d love a door made of wood pallets, not something you see everyday. Just like the one upstairs… there.

Youtuber Sean Lee New Room Dream Home
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I’d use cool retro tiles, like this café, and incorporate wood features all over for that vintage look to make it more cosy and nostalgic. I’m not one for really light beech or dark ebony – perhaps something more like “medium” wood… like teak?

Qanvast: And would you prefer something more cost-effective, or would you splurge for a very unique design?

S: I wouldn’t mind splurging if the material is something that’s hard to source for. But for my recent renovation, I tried to keep costs as low as possible, so there’s a lot of things I did myself, like painting, scraping the walls, light bulbs, or even some of the wiring. I tried to make it as minimalistic as I can so it’s all metal bars and stuff. Actually, I kept it very cost-effective. If I can do it myself, I would.

Youtuber Sean Lee New Room Dream Home
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Two areas I’d splurge on though would be my bedroom, since that’s the place for rest and to recharge, and my kitchen. I’d also splurge on a good home entertainment system - a bigger TV with ultra HD TV and a great sound system.

Featuring: Walnut Café and Bar by M Innovative Builders

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