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6 Clever Ways to Make Full Use of the Space Under Your Stairs

September 20, 2019

In most double-storey residences, the space under the stairs can create some unusual, awkwardly shaped area that can be tricky to decorate or utilise efficiently. However, with some creative imagination, you can transform this often-neglected space beneath a staircase into something useful like additional storage space or a kid’s corner.

Here’s an ingenious way of utilising the spare space under the stairs that you will surely find inspiring:

Bangalow KK3 by Ideas Makeover

Interior Firm: Ideas Makeover

1. Simple Storage

Even the smallest under the stairs space can be transformed into a storage or display area. Here’s a couple of things to keep in mind. Firstly, it’s best not to overwhelm or crowd the space with too many items, especially with open storage styles like shelves. Also, to give a seamlessness look, rather than to appear a mere decorative afterthought; the styling should complement the décor in the room.

N'Dira Townhouse, Puchong South by Matt Design

Interior Firm: Matt Design

In this example, the styling follows its minimalistic vision with simple wooden shelving/drawers in a similar grain and colour, seen elsewhere in the home.

2. Display and Design Accent

For bigger under-stairs space and connective areas, the extra space can also be used as a stylish feature and display; this modern living room serves as a wonderful case in point.

Taman Sejati Jaya, Sitiawan Perak by ZOGE

Interior Firm: ZOGE

The under-stair space is boarded off (with concealed storage) in restrained patterned wood that leads to a lighted display niche and that doubles as an accent structure. With this design concept, the under-stairs and its connective structure is maximised for both decorative effect and practical use.

3. Combination: Storage, Display, and Feature Wall

This designer went a step further by hiding the below staircase area with carpentered, attention-grabbing, all-white storage and display structure.

Zenia Desa ParkCity, KL by PINS Studio

Interior Firm: PINS Studio

This concept not only created practical storage in the living room but also visually widens the area by focusing on the larger base of the stairs and the continuous white cabinetry that appears to extend to the surrounding walls.

4. Lounge Area

Storage is not the only option here, you can also use this area to extend your interior setting. For instance, if your staircase area is long and wide, consider converting it into a lounge area.

Domus Residence, Selangor by Mil Design & Construction

This contemporary living room can accommodate more guests with a separate seating space, backed by the carriage wall of the staircase. A simple bench runs along the side of the outer stair wall and is dressed up with pillows and throws. The design also maximises the rise of the staircase by incorporating a display/storage wall addition.

Cahaya Alam @ Shah Alam by Torch Empire

Interior Firm: Torch Empire

5. Pull-Out Storage

Making use of dead spaces under-stairs can be an incredibly creative venture, just like we see here with unique pull-out storage built-in. The style keeps with the minimalist appeal of the overall décor as the pull-outs remain hidden and stays neatly out of the way, thereby creating visual space.

Under stairs renovation ideas

The colour choices are tidy too, with ashy wood that complements the white walls of the staircase stringer and the light wood floors. This concept works incredibly well with minimalist or contemporary décor in smaller homes.

6. Freestyling Design

If you don’t want to commit to a carpentered modification, you can simply add modular or movable furniture. In this cool modern living room, we see an elevated black base on the corner of the stairs, fitted with sleek furniture (a seating set).

Verge 32@Melawati by Metrics Global Sdn Bhd

Interior Firm: Metrics Global Sdn Bhd

This space would serve as a perfect afternoon tea nook or a quiet conversation corner. And since nothing is nailed down, the space could also be converted into for several functionalities. For instance, one could replace the chair and table set with indoor greenery, a water feature, or a play area for children, while the adults hang out in the living room.

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