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Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

April 25, 2016
Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

With a total of 200 completed projects under their belt, it can’t be denied that the team at Nu Infinity possesses the design flair required to transform blank spaces into cozy, practical homes. Despite their success, the team remains firmly grounded and constantly strive to take their designs to the next level. Find out what the team has to say about their design inspiration and as they share some tips for first-time homeowners.

Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

Qanvast: Tell us more about the origins of your interior design firm.

Nu Infinity (NI): Our firm started out as a two-man team run by the co-founders Alex and Nick. From the start, we knew that it was important to set visions and standards as this would set us apart from other firms in the market. We were also determined to operate our business in a professional manner while making sure to develop close relationships with all our clients. With that being said, our main goal is to ensure that our design portfolio consists of well-thought through designs.

Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

Qanvast: How would you describe your company’s culture?

NI: We believe that long term goals and visions help in preserving the integrity of the company. Everyone on the team thus works to achieve the company’s goals rather than with the aim of pleasing the bosses. Teamwork is also highly valued as we believe that it gives an edge to all our designs. Lastly, we encourage our designers to possess individuality and we appreciate it when they are able to see the overall picture.

Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

Qanvast: What is your design philosophy?

NI: One must always put one’s heart into the design and the services. Honesty and passion goes a long way.

Qanvast: Does your firm have a signature interior design style?

NI: Yes. Most of our clients would say that our designs have visual impact while remaining grounded and practical. We are especially well known for our work with timber as we are able to use wooden elements in a way that complements contemporary interior design trends.

Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

Qanvast: Can you share with us some of your team’s sources of design inspiration?

NI: One main source of design inspiration comes from travelling. When we travel, we always try to be particularly observant of our surroundings so that we can replicate these design traits in our designs. Even when we are not travelling, we try to take notice of the architectural changes in the cityscape as these give us insight into contemporary design trends.

Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

Qanvast: Describe some memorable projects that you have worked on.

NI: The Samira project, which was one of our first outstation show units, was an interesting project for us. We learned quite a bit while working on this project. The Damansara City Residency show unit was another project which required a lot of blood, sweat and tears. We had to work around the clock for eight weeks while renovation was ongoing in the main building. This project taught us quite a bit about safety, corporate documentation and organising our work schedule.

Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

Qanvast: Do you have any tips for first-time homeowners?

NI: Before meeting up with designers, homeowners should have already come up with a brief which lists down their requirements and their budget. This ensures that they are able to have a productive discussion with the designers and they can assess which designers are able to give them the designs that they desire at a budget which is comfortable for them.

Qanvast: To end off, tell us briefly why homeowners should choose to renovate with your firm.

NI: We are young and engaging and our designs are spot-on as they reflect the ever-changing contemporary trends.

Designer Spotlight: Nu Infinity

if you are looking to design your home, look no further than Nu Infinity. Their strength in designing both residential and commercial projects could mean the firm has the relevant experience and skills to do up your home like no other.
See more of Nu Infinity’s portfolio here and contact them via Qanvast.

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